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new to all this please help

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Hi not sure what to say I had my breast cancer surgery on July 9th 8 days after my 38th birthday. My skin did not take and died with infection had emergancy surgery July 26th. Now am starting to get my strecthers fill had it done once and I have gotten feeling back and felt the right one. How do I get over the fear of the pain from the needle will always feel the same? I am already uncomfetable and hurt. Please give me some advice I'm still scared to death but can't let my awesome husband know or he will worry more. Thanks

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I went through 4 yrs of this due to rads but it all eventually came together and that was 5 yrs ago. They just cannot rush the final project if there is ANY doubt the skin isn't ready or else you will be facing multiple redos. Ask if they have doubts the skin will heal enough for the procedure and if they have doubts. The needle thing never bothered me though.

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Thanks, I am beginning to believe my skin is not ready to be sstreched. I pray all the time the pain will go away I know iit will take time. Glad I found somewhile I can ask questions. My mom went through this and made it seem like it was a piece of cake. When I ask her questionsand tell her I am scared she just tells me to put on my big girl pants, now I can get answers from other people who have been where I am. Wishing you the best of luck and prayers being said for you.

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My treatment was very different from yours, so I don't have any practical advice to offer, but just wanted to share that, a year before I was diagnosed, a co-worker of mine who was 20 years older than me sailed through the exact same chemo regimen that I then had a year later. Unlike her, I struggled to get through it, and felt like a failure.

Important lesson learned: Our bodies and our spirits all react differently, even to (what may seem like) the same surgeries and treatments. Has nothing to do with putting on your "big girl pants" or not -- your body is not your mom's, and your feelings are not your mom's. Don't let anyone tell you how to feel.

Big hug to you,


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"Our bodies and our spirits all react differently." It is good to include a person's spirit in the discussion. I would get depressed at a drop of a hat, while others seemed to keep a kick-*** attitude. I just could not do that and was written off by some people. The encouragement here will help.

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Hi there,
It is not easy, but we have this inner strength that can be surprising. I am sorry to hear that you had an infection and emergency surgery, on top of dealing with a bc diagnosis. I can relate to you in that I am 42, also have had an emergency surgery and dealing with the reconstruction, I am in the final phase. We are all different, so it I cannot say, but as time goes on, scar tissue builds up and the pain isn't as bad. You should get better in the future, especially after you get rid of those hard implants. Maybe you won't feel the pain of the needle with your new breast/s? I did not feel a thing when they injected me with the saline.
Try to keep an open mind, not to rush things. You will get used to the whole idea and your abilities. Some things are out of our hands, best left to the physicians. Try to concentrate on what you can do.
Maybe there is a support group for you or your husband? Everyone deals with things on their individual timeline, so when you are ready, it is something to consider.
Maybe you want to leave husband home when you go to Dr appt so you can speak openly about your fears and concerns?
I'm glad you have an awesome husband. Ask your friends to help you as well so husband doesn't get too tired.
Take it slow, take care,

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