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Have I missed her post? Haven't heard how she is doing. Anyone heard from pakb56?

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I have been wondering about the etiquette re asking about people who haven't posted in a long time. I fret about them but hope they are just doing well and don't need the support of the site anymore. So is it ok to ask, knowing it may be bad news? I don't want to be intrusive or upset anyone.

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I think that it is OK to ask. There are many people such as myself who always check in on the site as it is so helpful but rarely post. I am doing very well but still like to keep in touch. You may hear very good news and I don't think that you would be instrusive as I doubt that other family members would be on site if there was bad news. That people care is important.

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Posts: 1095
Joined: Sep 2011

I wish everyone on here had a "buddy" to keep all of us up on what is happening. Like a partner that we were in touch with by phone. Who ever the partner was would make one phone call then let us all know what is going on. I,too, hope everyone no longer needs the boards(in a good way),but we all know sometimes the news is bad. Not making myself plain tonight,but hope you all know what I mean. Best, Debra

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On another forum, I have an agreement with two people that I will let them know when I am going to be MIA. I don't have to explain why, just ask them to tell the others that I am going to be away for a while. Others do have phone relationships, too, and keep us informed.

I think it's fine and a sign of caring to ask.

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