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CEA down but possible new tumor??? (changed title to try and get feedback)

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Hi all,

So I was able to get the nephrostomy tube removed and they placed a stent in my right ureter. They suspect a tumor was the cause of my blockage. Exactly two weeks later I was back in hospital this time because my left kidney failed. Same problem with same solution. CT scan showed possible new peritoneal mass but get this......My CEA went from 43-26 this month. hmmn??? anyone have any thoughts on this? CEA going down but possible new mass found. CT also does not detect any node involvement. I am now getting a PET on OCt 11 to determine what is going on. Could this possible turn out to be good news??? If there are no nodes then I would now be a surgical candidate. Maybe even eligable for HIPEC. I hate to get my hopes up until after PET scan. The CT also stated...colon normal,appendix normal, liver normal, lungs normal, spleen normal. Just the possible mass near my bladder. Does anyone have any thoughts on this odd situation?
Thanks Lori

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Don't have any answer but maybe someone else can help you. Good luck to you.


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I don't know Lori, waiting is hard. I like that the CT says no lung/liver involvement.
Hoping for the very best.

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Cancer is heterogeneous, a particular tumor may not produce CEA or leak as much into the blood stream. This is part of why we track multiple markers.

My question is whether the all out immunochem + LEF + other "extras" approach can usually damage peritoneal mets enough to slow or eliminate any surgical residuals like on my wife. There was a massive granulocytic attack (a la the cimetidine papers) with high WBC at dx, before CIM. Residual/low dose 5FU + cimetidine is likely extra antiangiongenic for CA19-9 staining tumors (serum CA19-9 probably over 20 but not diagnostic). We even kept the 5FU content (UFT = 5FU + GBL, a HIF-1a inhibitor) for the second surgery, per a dozen perioperative 5FU/UFT chemo papers (non-US).

My concern is that surgeons may be too conservative (pessimistic) if cimetidine etc likely controls new metastasis and if supernutritional recovery from surgery is more rapid and complete at lower risk than average. They were worried about adhesions in 5-6 years and M&M at 1/2%M, we worried about being there next year...

Our surgeons were warning us how likely her peritoneum was going to be active but the peritoneum was still perfectly clean after 13 months.

Also got to find a willing GREAT surgeon that can do an unusual job extra well, not just some cowboy. We found that the regular chickens had already flown the coup (refused).

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Will the PET actually show if it's cancer or not?? I thought PET would light up even if it' something that's inflammation. I don't know why your CEA would go down. How did you know your kidney were blocked?? Was it from pain or something showing up on scans??

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Maybe it's a non-canerous cyst. My wife had one years ago mostly fluid but impared function. Good luck Lou

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