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Stage 4 Malignant Fibrohistiocytoma

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Hello Everyone,

My mother is at Stage 4 Malignant Fibrohistiocytoma with mets and the cancer growth on her stomach is growing where she said it hurts when she wakes up and walking around. She is going in this coming Monday for radiation therapy. I'm just a wreck and would like to talk to someone who knows a loved one that has the same cancer disgnosis.


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My Dad has what they call Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma Sarcoma.
My Dad's started on his arm as a small lump in May 2012.  It grew to the size of a softball in one month. It was removed, got radiation treatments, and one thing that disturbs me is that the machine was broken for a week, and he had to go without treatments for 5 days while they ordered parts.  Soon after a month of radiation, the cancer became vengeful and took over his entire arm. He can't even move his fingers now!  Just 2 weeks ago, (Dec 14 2012) they found 11 spots on his lungs that they call malignant nodules, the biggest one being 4.3 cm in diameter.  He is about to start chemo next week, and he fears for his life! THey say its stage 4, and that his lungs are so saturated with tumors that they cannot remove them all, they would be taking out all his lobes if they did!   He is a nervous wreck and can't eat, can't sleep, but I am here looking for success stories to give him hope as well...

I see you posted back in October, could you tell me how your mother is doing now? I hope and pray that you can tell me she whooped cancers ***!

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I was diagnosed with Pleomorphic Spindle Cell Sarcoma, High grade...what I have read online is that MFH is the old term for this rare sacoma.  Sorry to hear about your dad.  It doesn't sound very good, is he still with us? 

I was diagnosed in July 2012 and recently had surgery to remove the tumor.  They staged me either a 2 or 3, never really clarified that.  Because of its size (9cm), location (left iliopsoas retroperitoneal) and high grade, I think I was a Grade 3.  My Oncologist and I decided to do chemo and radiation before surgery in hopes that the mass will shrink enough so that I would not need a Hemi-pelvectomy.  To everyones surprise, the tumor responded very well.  They said these types of Sarcomas usually don't respond.  I had it removed along with my left Psoas muscle, no nerves removed.  Pathology report read 100% necrosis and negative margins.  The margins on 2 sides of the muscle were not as much as I would have like, but I'm happy that I am able to walk.

Don't know if this helps since mine had not metastasize.


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