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MAGLETS ! Do you have any news from Steve?

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Hugs dear !

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no not really. I stopped going to the newsgroup once i saw that Steve had posted. The last thing that i heard was that the doctors had determined that they had clear margins....surely this is the very best news.

Recovery must be long and hard for Steve....

hopefully Steve will post again soon.

hugs to you Dearest Pepe/////that soccer match should be WONDERFUL

love, mags

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Am still watching the site but not got the energy to really participate properly, mainly as can't sit up to type properly. Recovery coming on and now starting on crutches though still a bit wobbly. Colostomy taking its time to slow down and stump wound still very sore. However, considering op was two and a half weeks ago pretty pleased with how things are coming.

Will be back posting more in no time. In the meantime I'm enjoying watching the various little storms brew here.


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I am so happy that you are recovering and have clear margains.

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Wish you a very very fast recovery! ( despite I know is very hard)
hugs dear Kiwi friend!

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Certainly understand that posting is difficult, but you know us...we start to worry when too many days go by with no word. No need for lengthy posts...Just a Hi and doing ok will suffice...lol.

Glad to hear that your recovery is moving in the right direction.

Be a "good boy" and mind the docs.

Hugs and love to you and the family,

Marie who loves kitties

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Marie you are so funny..always good to keep our good doc in line.....I too hope he is listening and being a very good boy.

Steve it does me so much good when i open the forum and see your name as having posted. Thank you.....I'll bet sitting is hard for you.....slowly slowly my friend...

hug, mags

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Glad all is goind well. Will take long time, but hang in there!!!

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We're all rooting for you! And those "storms" always seem to be brewing around here, don't they? Glad they can give you a little entertainment during your recovery! Hugs~Ann Alexandria

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Good to see you posting.
And of course, always must give you value for your entertainment. Certainly can provide it here on occasion. LOL.
Winter Marie
As Marie said, be a good fellow and mind the docs.

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Sending you much aloha and prayers! Soooo good to hear from you again.


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Up on crutches already! You stud!

Thinking of you all the time


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Thanks for the update and sounds like you are pleased with the progress especially since you have had so much done at one time. It will take you time to adjust and you have had such great strength through all of this and I'm so glad that you had good margins because that is a great result. Just remember we are still all thinking about you and you just chime in when you can. Hope your recovery is going according to plan and you have a better day each and every day.


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so glad you are making progress. i know your journey will be hard but you have such a great attitude & determination i know each day will be better! prayers for you & your family

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Good to see you posting Steve....glad your recovery is going well, be patient my dear...soon you'll be rocking it with your kids on video games!!!

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So great to hear from you, Steve....no stopping you:)

Congrats on a successful surgery!


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take your time mate.

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