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Maggie is back

miss maggie
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Joined: Mar 2010

Hello to all my old buddies (family) To everyone that is new, I am so sorry You have to be here.

My move is complete. Let me tell you, it was one hell of a job. Especially moving from one large house to a smaller house. I did it, and it's over.

I don't know where to begin on this site. So much is going on. I signed on with 63 new posts the other day, and was completely overwelmed. I don't know where to begin. I suppose I will take one step at a time. I should be good at that, considering this was my motto each day after I moved.

Right now, I am only up to Denise. I too will be looking for her daughter's (Kim) post on how her mom is doing. I left this site around the beginning of Sept. I just hope the few others who were struggling are doing much better now. Most important, Lisha being free of pain.

I know what it is being in pain. The pain in my right hip has increased. Probably caused by doing too much. I have no idea what my future holds. Right now I am on Oxyodone 15 mg 3 times a day. Is this what my future has in store for me?? I know I have to be grateful for being in remission. It is so hard to enjoy each day taking medication in order to function normally. It takes the joy and happiness away. At least this medication doesn't make me tired.

Forgive me for posting the negative feelings I feel. I will get over this. It is what it is. I am so grateful for my family and my wonderful friends. Just to be back online with all of you, makes my burden so much less.

All my love and prayers from me to you. Love Maggie

jimwins's picture
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Joined: Aug 2011

Welcome back, Maggie!

I have to leave for some appointments and was just checking in quickly.
I'll write more later.



miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

Hi Jim, My words were brief also. I just wanted to send my love to all of you. And how much I missed you all.

love Maggie

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Hi Maggie,
I was wondering when you were going to pop back in...so glad to see you!!! I can't imagine making a big move, so believe me, my heart goes out to you. Moving back when we were young was hard and now when we are at our age, well.. it would be 3 times harder. I'm glad you are done and back on-line. Everything is about the same with me since you've been gone. I have 3 more Rituxan infusions and then done. Steve had a slight accident last weekend when were down on the river fishing for my birthday weekend...fell in the boat and broke his ankle in 2 places along with rupturing a tendon. "OUCH"! He had surgery on Tuesday of this week and had a 4" plate 8 screws and a pin put in his ankle. Needless to say he's not a happy hubby right now. I'll have him here at home for at least the next 8 to 10 weeks. So...if you don't see me posting during the day, it's because him and Lizzy are taking up all of my daytime hours...ha! I'll keep up with my CSN family, but probably not as timely as in the past. Anyways Maggie...I'm very happy to have you back and know you are all moved and safe and sound before winter sets in. I love you sweet lady...Sue

miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

Dear Sue,

I am so glad to read everything is the same with you. It might sound boring. When actually it is a blessing.

Talking about things and changes in your life in a split second. Your poor hubby. I don't
blame him one bit about not being happy. The surgery, plates, screws and a pin sounds horrible. That poor man. Slight accident, I don't think so. I think from now on, I will walk gingerly and ever so slowly.

I survived the move. It is very overwelming to see all the boxes and furniture all over your new home. I did just a little each day and eventually it was done.

I love you Sue. Please don't worry about not posting. We will miss you, at the same time we understand. I know you will be the very best nurse.

Love and hugs from Maggie

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Hi Miss Maggie,
Really happy to hear from you! I'm glad that you're finally done with your move! Take care and sending you a Huge Hug from TX.


miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

Dear Jim, Vinny, John, Liz, and Beth

All my sweethearts. Thank you so much for your welcome. It took an illness and dx to meet
the greatest people ever. How lucky I am. Yes, lucky. It does change you. I would like to think for the better. Coming to this site, is like arriving home after a long, long trip.

All of you, stay well and happy. We are not alone. We have each other.

Love you all Maggie

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So nice to hear from you Maggie, I think we all have negative feelings from time to time, it's soooooo normal! Take care Vinny

miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

The 2 of you look like such a nice, beautiful couple. You look like you don't have a care in the world. Who would guess the struggles along the way. It certainly doesn't show.

Love Maggie

COBRA666's picture
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Been thinking about you and wondering when you would be back. Glad to hear from you and again WELCOME BACK !!! John

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It's good to see you post. Glad you are back! Good luck catching up with all the posts.

Take Care,

forme's picture
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Joined: Aug 2010

Hi Maggie

So nice to see you again. What a big job moving is, I hope you are comfy and happy in your new home.

So sorry to hear that you are having so much pain. Gosh, that is difficult. Be sure to get some rest. You must be so tired after the move.
It's okay to take the pain meds, if you can get relief, then that is what is important. I too am still taking high doses of morphine and dialauid for break through pain. I hate taking it, but without it the pain would take over and I would be no use to myself or anyone else. So I do understand when you say that you would rather not take any, but you need to. Just remember that being pain free is the number one priority. So glad that the meds don't knock you out.

Hugs to you

miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

Thank you my sweet Lady,

You have no idea how your words are so important to me. Who knows better than you. I am
a bit bewildered why you should still have pain. Is this from the operation? I do agree with you. Life is too short, and you are no use to yourself or anyone else. Just to enjoy smelling the flowers, sitting in your garden and looking up at the sky with a great big
smile on your face. This is what I wish for you. NO PAIN

I say to myself, it is what it is. Just knowing, in order to exist as a whole person, I
might have to live the rest of my life on pain medication. I had xrays and will see the doctor this wednesday. I will see what he suggests.

Hugs and love to you. Love Maggie

forme's picture
Posts: 1162
Joined: Aug 2010

Hi Maggie

I have hope that wednesday will bring you some positive and hopeful news. Plus it's my birthday, so it has to be a good day!

Yes, my pain is still from the surgery. It was a long operation and there were many adhesions to remove from prior surgeries, plus all the scraping and surgery + manipulation of the remaining organs, like bowel and bladder. I do notice that I am dealing with it better, just a few times when I need to take the extra med. Thankfully.
I have accepted that it will just take time and not to expect a set healing time, it's just hard sometimes.

I hope soon that I can step down a dosage and feel okay with it. Lots of trial and error.

I also have been on pain meds for awhile pre surgery. I have a knee that needs replacing, but will have to wait for some time. So the meds allow me to walk with very little if any discomfort. So if you need to be on pain meds for a long time, it really is okay. It's about the quality of your life, and it should be the very best life you can live.

Huge hugs

miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

Dear Lisha,

I did think the pain was still from the surgery. I just didn't want to assume that was the case. I remember you explaining why you were in such pain. Just knowing what the doctor's had to do, is explanation enough.

You sentence about acceptence, is my thoughts exactly. It does heal your sorrow about how our lives have changed. For me, I struggle so much in the morning. I get up, and it might take up to an hour to pull myself together. It used to bother me so much. Now, my struggle in the morning is part of my day. If I have to go somewhere, I just get up earlier.

I am sorry you suffer like me with knee pain. Add hip pain also. I am not sure if I would tolerate knee surgery. I think I will try injections of some sort of jell, injected over a 3 week period. Do you know anything about this? My friend will have knee surgery in the next month or 2. I am waiting to see how she does.

Acceptence is now part of my vocabulary and prayers. It is what it is.

Hugs, prayers and much love to you. It's been such a long journey. Love love Maggie

PS I have to get ready for my doctor appt. I am still trying to catch up with some posts not read by me yet.

forme's picture
Posts: 1162
Joined: Aug 2010

Hi Maggie

Yes, I did do the knee injections. The name of the drug/gel is Hyalgan (sodium hyaluronate)
At first I did not notice any diference, but by the end I did. Not a hugs difference, but enough that I could cut down on the pain meds. I was told that some people have really good luck and it works for a long time, others only for a short time if at all. I was willing to try anything since I was getting a new knee for some time.

The one tip I have is after each injection you must stay off your leg for at least an hour. I would just go home and put an ice pack on my knee and elevate it the rest of the afternoon. It seemed to keep the swelling down.

I would reccomend the injections based on my experience. let me know what you decide.


miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

Dear Lisha,

I sure am keeping you busy with all my questions. I just posted my experience with my doctor appt yesterday. At the end of my post, I posted a PS, asking if anyone had an
experience with the gel treatment. Along you came with an answer, thank you. Also, the name of the gel.

I will keep you informed when I see the Orthopedic doctor. I have to get the xrays to bring to his office.

I was glad to read the gel helped you some what. That you were able to decrease the dosage of pain medication. In my opinion, it did help you.

Thank you for your positive response. It gives me hope. Last thought, maybe by the time you are prepared for surgery, something new will come along. Fingers crossed.

To you my friend, Feel better, be better and well. Hugs and love from me Maggie

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