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Fluid in Lungs

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My last BIG treatment was Aug. 27th. I was having shortness of breath and retaining a LOT of fluid so I had an IV to help rid my body of some of the fluid. My oncologist wanted a chest CT scan just to be safe. That showed a small blot clot so then onto blood thinners. Shortness of breath has continued and I complained every time I went to the Dr. They would listen to my chest and no wheezing so it will just take time. Went to the Radiologist Thurs. for markings, etc. When they did the scan they found fluid in both lungs. Now I have to do the blood thinner thing to get the blod to clot so I can have the fluid drained on Wed. Anybody else ever had this happen? It's so discouraging!!

New Flower
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Our dear friend, pink sister Chen is having fluid drainage from time to time. It is a difficult procedure, however she is doing ok. Please keep the faith and stay positive. You will be alright.

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discouraged. They are keeping on top of it and doing what is necessary. I will keep you in my thoughts and send you positive energy to get you through this tough time.


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I am in a clinical trial and i developed a blood clot (emboli) in my lung. I also had some fluid around my lung.

This was found by a routine xray. . . I am now on coumadin and have been for many weeks. I am told that I will be on this for 3 to 6 months and hopefully it will go away.

The drs think this was caused by the Avastin because that is one of the drugs in the trial. Although I am not allowed to know what drugs they are giving me everyone thinks that Avastin must be one of them because of the lung emboli.

My last CT scan showed the fluid gone and my tumor reduced in size by 1/3. I have another scan coming up the middle of October and that will tell the rest of the story. I pray that it will be okay. . . we will see.

My prayers are with you and I hope they get this under control and you do well

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