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Don't like roller coasters!

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Really, I am the one holding the jackets and getting food for my family in line. Getting back on the bus. 'c' has raised it's ugly head. The local neurologist only had the written report when she said scar tissue. I had the hard copy of the MRI for my doctor at Stanford. He looked and looked and finally said he did not think that it was scar tissue, he saw a mass.
Ordered PET asap and refered me to a specialist, also took my case to the tumor board today.
I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with the specialist (he already has the MRI).

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to wait for tomorrow. Hopefully it will be good news. Hang tough!

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I am so sorry....BUT....I'm still holding out for scar tissue....and until there is a PET scan, and those in the know SAY this is "C", it just ain't so!!


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Remember until all the answers are in, nothing is set in stone ! I'm keeping positive thoughts and prayers flying your direction. Please keep us updated...rotten old cancer...hate it, hate it ! Katie

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There is always something (coming up) to disturb our recovery. I am still hoping this will be nothing.



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D Lewis
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It ain't so till someone SAYS it is positively so. I'm hoping for the scar tissue and surgery for you.

I've always hated roller coasters myself.


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believe it will not be bad and it will not be bad

i am a very firm believer that biopsy's are the only way to call it. many years ago they told me same and went in and was all scar tissue.

the only certainty is biopsy

prayer for wisdom being sent


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I have often thought, what if the cancer comes back..will you be as strong as the first time? Praying for you and hoping you will be relieved by the end of this beautiful Friday

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For scar tissue. I have heard this happen so many times! So until we hear otherwise, it is scar tissue!

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and so is Cancer, but as you read others have had some what if moments to find indeed it was scar tissue. So even though you have a right to be scared, I would be, we will be praying that like many times in this journey the fear was unwarranted and it will be scar tissue and not cancer. Your are in Diane and my prayers.

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Biopsy is best, I agree with that statement ....

It' gonna be scar tissue by golly!!!!!!

Whispered a prayer it's NOT "c" ..

Keep us posted.


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Pam M
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Hoping for a fluke. If it isn't scar tissue, OK - it can still be something else that isn't malignant.

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