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Steve & Cynthia, need to know about you!

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Praying for healing , hugs!

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Hi Pepe and everyone,

Thanks for checking in with us, it's been a tough week. Rick came home last Thursday, so we've been trying to get used to changing the ileostomy bags and dealing with the TPN bag (I call it the "cow utter"). (They really didn't teach us how to do that.) I didn't realize that I was supposed to hook up and unhook the TPN bag from his port until the day he was going home. I thought the visiting nurses would take care of it, silly me. Actually, they haven't been here at all, so I guess I should call them tomorrow. I have to admit that it scared the heck out of me the first time I had to flush his port and set up the TPN bag and pump and hook him up. I had fears of giving him an air embolism. Every day is a learning experience, but we're getting used to the new routine and just dealing with everything as it comes. We went to see Rick's surgeon today as a follow-up, and he said that the six inch stomach wound looks good, so I guess I'm doing something right! ;-)

All my best,

(And Steve, I hope that you're healing up well and not in too much pain. - HUGS!!!)

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so glad Rick is home. you are such a strong brave woman to be doing what you are. so many new things to learn can be nerve racking but it sounds like you are doing an outstanding job! prayers for both of you!

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Glad that you have Rick home and glad surgical wound is looking good.

I am more than sure you are doing everything, not just something, right in his care. Having you by his side is the best medicine.

You have been a real trooper through all this, everyone should be so fortunate as to have someone like you as a caregiver.

My best wishes to you both.


Marie who loves kitties

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You are Rick are dealing with so much right now. You are a wonderful wife, by his side every step of the way. I continue to pray for you two. I hope you are getting a break at times.


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Have posted update under peeps other topic to magnets.

Thanks for asking,

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You are the perfect caregiver Cyn! You and my wife of course! .
Love you!.
Seen your pos Steve! Hugs!

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Amazing they're having you flush his port and do TPN!!! Cyn, you're such a wonderful caregiver.

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