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Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- Pink Ribbons anyone?

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I can't belive that it is October 4th already and no one is talking about PINK RIBBONS! I LOVE OCTOBER!!!! It's the month I was born in. I'm a Libra(the scale)and a Dragon in the Chinese Calander.

I also try to inform people at this time that Men can/and do get Breast Cancer,too. That doctors should give men "breast exams" for lumps. That men over 50 need mamograms,too.

So let's get out our Pink hats, Pink T-shirts,Pink shoes and Pink Ribbons to celebrate!!!

(((HUGS))) and Prayers to all
A Pink Brother

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Well said Carrie! The negativity on CSN is exactly one of the reasons I very rarely sign on here anymore. When I was diagnosed last year, I found this board so supportive. I cried and laughed reading all the posts for weeks before I finally joined. I really think the women and men here helped me through the journey I didn't plan on going on. No - I don't have mets (Thank the Good Lord) but I still consider it a very dark period in my life. It's sad CSN has changed so much as it has the capability to help so many!

I continue to pray for every one whose life has been touched by cancer - any type of cancer.

Hugs, Debi

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I just hope the air is cleared and we can all move past this now.

Happy belated birthday Robert!

Hugs, Kylez


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