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IS it true high oxygen levels in blood kills cancer growth?. my daughter got her levels back and they are almost 100% . doe anyone know

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i did this to annoy the nurses and to fill the time over the last few weeks in hospital.

100% is good i guess, it was my target. normally my o2 was 97%, within a few minutes of yoga or qigong breathing you are at 100%.

the cstch is my qigong teacher says now stay there for 5 hors. thats dam impossible in prsctise.


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...even after 2 major lung surgeries...with over 7-wedge resections and another 10% of my lung destroyed with radiation.

Just sayin'...

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Just about everyone on the planet that is not on supplemental oxygen is going to register between a 95-100% SPO2 level...cancer is not going to thrive in the difference between 95-100...

Or we would not survive as a species.

This is a common misconception...

One guy next to you might be a 97% and not have cancer...the other guy could be 99-100% and have cancer.

So, there is no basis that 100% makes any difference...my oncologists and surgeons concur, though I never doubted.

We are oxygen based creatures...when your sats get into the mid-80's or below, you begin to get winded and can faint...once you are in the mid-80's or lowers, they usually put you on supplemental oxygen, which raises the spo2 level (oxygen sat level) and that raises the value back into the norm.

Lung surgery patients can be susceptible to low SP02 levels, which is why they encourage walking almost as soon as you get off the O/R table.

Don't let this scare you...100% is great...I'm 97% on any given moment as an average and I've been through a couple of major lung surgeries and radiation to the lung...they removed seven wedge resections from my lung and sawed off a couple of ribs.

The key to a possible shot at cure, or at least extended longevity is nothing short of surgery, which can sometimes be followed by an adjuvant therapy like chemo and/or radiation...but sometimes just surgery if the margins are clear.

Good luck!

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Low oxygen levels trigger Hypoxia Inducible Factor 1 alpha, HIF-1a, that cascades to release Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, VEGF-A, a group of signal proteins. Some VEGF-A isoforms are angiogenic that promote cancer growth and metastasis. The VEGF-A isoforms are also what the Avastin antibody attacks.

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Normal Ranges
Oxygen saturation level in healthy patients is considered normal between 97 percent and 99 percent. Patients who have normal hemoglobin levels can have a saturation level of 95. When the amount of oxygen in the blood is reduced, a condition known as hypoxemia results, and treatment is then required. In severe cases of hypoxemia, the patient exhibit a blue tint on his lips, gums, nail beds and around the mouth and eyes. This condition is called cyanosis.

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All of us on the boards here would be running around with oxygen tubes hanging around our noses and in the best of health.
So, the answer is no.
Winter Marie

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Dr. Otto Warburg, two-time Nobel Prize winner in Medicine proved that a cancer cell cannot exist in an oxidizing, healthy cell. Dr. Warburg stated that as the first priority of treatment, "all growing body cells be saturated with oxygen" and the second priority was to avoid further exposure to toxins.

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i don't know for sure about the 100% o2 and cancer, but i know a few alt doctors have reminded about yoga breathing, i know my gigong master says 5 hours per day and you will be cured.

so i prefer my answer, which allows for hope, as long as i hit the casket smiling and breathing who really gives a toss about 100% 95%, all i want to avoid is the 0%, if you know what i mean!


ps doing an hours qigong in my singapore hotel room enroute to baden baden germany.

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