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Just wondering if anyone has heard any news concerning Scuttlebug(Denise). The last I heard was she was down with pneumonia after her SCT. Praying and wishing her and her family good results. John

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Same here. Been thinking about her as well.

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Hi All,

We haven't had any updates that I know of since the last on 09/28 from her daughter. At that time they were able to get some secretions (good news) and they were thinking about trying to wean her off the ventilator.

I'm very concerned with no further updates coming.

Just giving Denise a lot of prayer and love. As well as her family.

Hugs to you all,

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Wishing her to just have pneumonia and nothing else going on and wishing for her to have her health back to have long healthy life with her loved ones...

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I think about Denise every day and pray she is getting stronger. Hopefully her daughter Kim will get back to us soon. Keeping you in my prayers dear Denise. Much love...Sue

miss maggie
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Dear John,

It is so great you haven't given up writing your posts. I look forward to your sense of
humor. I need it please.

Love Maggie

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Just messin' with ya' Welcome back. John

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Posts: 2413
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Just thought I would bring this to the top so Denises' daughter Kim would not miss the post. Still so concerned about Denise. John

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Hoping your mom is doing better...please let us know whenever you get a chance. Take care and keeping Denise in my prayers.


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