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stage IV papillary non-clear cell kidney cancer

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Still alive since Jan 2010 diagnosis of stage IV non clear cell kidney cancer a metatasized to lymph glands. Entered a clinical trial, sutent vs evrolimus. Sutent only worked for 6 months before tumor started to increase. Have been on evrolimus since fall of 2010 (17 rounds). Edema lympodema and diabetis has set in but 60 mg of oxycontin keeps me comfortable.

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Hello, great to hear that you are stable it seems. How long can you stay on it? Wishing you all the best. I can tell that you have a good attitude and going strong. Keep it up!!!

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Hello drstat2,

Even though you completed the initiation years ago and have been a silent member since then, I wanted to say welcome and WAY TO GO! Stories from survivors that have been around the block a few times are an inspiration for the members here, new and old alike. I like the phrase "ATTACK WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE" and you fit that well, you have a fighter's mentality.

Glad you found us,


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