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Doctors and more doctors

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Well we went to see David's ENT today and was told everything is healing well and that he expected David would be able to drink by mouth again within the next couple of weeks. He had a swallow test today and he is still aspirating some of the liquid so they want him to stay with tube feeds only. He tried to talk the doctor into letting him take liquid ibprofin instead of the percoset, but the Doctor explained why that wasn't a good idea and David seemed more at ease with staying on the meds a while longer. He has five appointments within the next two weeks. The swallow/voice person next week and the following. The radiology oncologist next Monday. The chemotherapy oncologist two weeks from now and the ENT again. It seems like we will stay busy trying to keep up with his schedule. I had bloodwork to confirm the pregnancy and see a high risk OB on October 16. It is funny so much chaos in my life right now and I feel pretty much at peace. Thanks for everyone's prayers. I think they are definitely working. A year from now I should have a cancer free husband and a baby.

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Glad you are feeling at peace. Sometimes it takes awhile to get this whole thing started, but once we do, it eases up doesn't it. Not that we don't have a long road ahead, but it's nice to just get a plan in motion. The calender is already getting full on our end too!

We've gotten more information in the last few days that has been enlightening. Really helps the inner self as we begin.

Keep yourselves healthy as possible and things will go well. Positive thoughts your way....

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going forward, also glad you have found Peace in all the turmoil. I think you have come so far in the Let Go Let God approach and I think you can say WILL be enjoying your cancer free hubby and baby a year from now, although how about 9 months I cannot imagine carrying a baby for 12 LOL. God Bless

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even in the turmoil of so much going on. Yes, your calendar is getting full...and it will be full for the next few months. I actually had to hang a calendar on my refrigerator, and keep all my appointments on it (still am doing it, as I have appointments as far as 3 months out still)...I'd get up every morning, and refer to that little calendar so I'd know what I have in store for that day. The hard part was keeping track of them when I had a surprise appointment happening (like when they'd want me to come in for 3 days in a row for Neupegyn, or a surprise transfusion....I was always cross referencing, and messing up...LOL).

It is true....a year from now, you'll have a cancer free man who feels good, and a babe in arms...God is good, and life is wonderful (there's a little old lady I had chemo with all the time who would greet everyone with those words...I just love her!!).


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Couldn't do it without my calendar too. A lifesaver. So glad to see all of the optimism, truly much to be thankful for. You have come full circle from your first postings. The positive outlook is going to make this so much easier for both of you. You are on your way to "happily ever after".

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how well all is going ...wonderful attitude ...keep it up and keep us posted.


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beautiful story.

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things are starting to move for you, my calendar is still full, but now it includes fun, fun time...Win's soccer, Nate & Evan's sports, trips to Chicago, pumpkin farms, dinner out, etc,etc...a few appointments mixed in there..wonder how I ever managed a work schudule too..retirement is wonderful!

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