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3 down 1 to go

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Well thank you all for your prayers and well wishes on my CT scan. Onc doc and Rad Doc as well as the Radiologist who reviewed the scan says all looks great, Rad Doc was willing to say NED. However I still need to see my ENT on the 15th October/ she hopefully will concur with the other Docs. She will look at a spot on my gumm that the Rad Doc saw but he seems to think its RAD related. I guess we will always have a skelton in the closet after being dx with cancer, but for now Im sticking with NED. So a very good day. I just really appreciate all you great folks for being there and truely caring about me and Diane. God Bless you all.

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I am very happy for you. NED's are awesome.

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I have been thinking of you all day and was Praying for a great posting tonight. As you mentioned, you're sticking with NED today and who can blame you.

My Best to Both of You and Everyone Here

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There is reason to celebrate at the Ditto House tonight!

Here's to many more NEDs.


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Ahhhh, I wonder if your drive home was like mine after my PET/CT scan...just when I thought the grass could get no greener and the sky no more blue....I found out it sure can..

So happy for you Doug and Diane!!!



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seems a little brighter Tim. Also now ever ache and pain I have does not get my mind spinning, yes one more doc to go but as I said I will sleep good tonight.

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Great news d1....happy dancing here in AZ

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Great news d1....happy dancing here in AZ

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or as they say in Montana Yeeeehaw!! :) I'm with you, I'm sticking with NED....congrats on that, my friend. Here's to many, many more!!


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Hi ditto1,

After reading your post, I went outside to our backyard where it was quiet and tried some “remote viewing” with your ENT. All I came away with was the letters N E D over and over again.

Let’s hope for 4 for 4, good luck.



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Ditto and Ditto1....glad things are looking up, cause looking down stinks....


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Wonderful news

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