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Pink Bus on Friday for my colonoscopy

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Joined: Oct 2009

Asking for prayers and support. This is my routine exam, but I'm a little nervous with all of the gut issues I have had this year. Thanks for any support!

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I've got mine scheduled for 10/26/12. I was supposed to go 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with BC and my world turned upside down. I'm nervous because I've had all kinds of gut issues also.
I wish us both a healthy colon!

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You'll be in my thoughts for a clean exam! I thank you for keeping the appointment, so many people put it off and its really one of the easiest of all. The prep is sometimes difficult but even that is not so bad these days. I was diagnosed with Stage3 Anal cancer just 1yr before my breast cancer. It was not discovered through a colonoscopy in my case, but maybe would have been had I made that appointment. As all too often, life was happening, and I tabled it, now I have not only no breasts but a colostomy bag! There are so many reasons for "gut issues", I will pray you find the answers to yours and that all goes well.

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Posts: 4014
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My dad an uncle both had colon cancer. My family is riddled with breast and colon cancers. I have never missed a colonoscopy--this is my 5th.

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May this routine exam remain just that...routine! xoxoxo Lynn

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I have had lots of gut/rectal issues and was really nervous, and I didnt even have a polyp. I even got a pretty picture, not suitable for framing. good luck....

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praying for a clean study (and easy prep!).

Hugs, Renee

New Flower
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Framing a picture sounds good.
Good luck on Friday! I hope it will be easy for you

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I'll be there hoping and praying for great results!

I just hope VickiSam and Rallendorfer keep the noise level down a bit, my head is still pounding from the last Pink ride!! hehehe


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I will be on the bus. Glad you are getting it done, although I do not envy the prep! Hoping for the best for a clear scan.


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I made it!!! Prep is nothing to get excited about (oh those memories), hoping,
praying that all is 'clear' -- !!!

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Jean 0609
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Sorry I missed this. By now the worst part is over and you have a restful weekend. xoxo

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