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Had scans...

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Had scans this a.m. so the usual nothing to eat 4 hours prior....meant couldn't have any brekky......ended up with dry heaves for 1/2 hour weird never had that before ...went to hosp. for scan...drank the first glass of contrast....then could feel the big D hit...what the heck is going on today, never had either of these before.....I'm figuing it's from the xeloda I took the night before....but now I'm nervous and don't get scan results till next week.

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So sorry that the day has been a rough one for you. Hope that you have been able to eat something by now and it helps with the big D as well.

Prayers for good scan results.


Marie who loves kitties

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Sorry it didn't go well for you and you had diahrrea (big D?). That contrast always made things go through me so fast so I'm usually prepared and warn them too. Hope the news is good for you next week. Maybe you could call later this week and see if the results are in that way you don't have to wait.


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I thought of you with this scan coming up. I wish I could tell you not to worry......but we do....we're human.
You know the drill, Smokeyjoe......keep REAL busy. Do all those calming things, guided imagery, meditation, being around nice people who aren't loud...lol..
And stay warm there in Canada in the meantime.

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Can you get a copy of the report before your appt? Or do you even want to?

Hoping for the best!


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I ALWAYS like to know ahead of time.....I want to brace myself before seeing onc.....he's a pretty matter of fact guy, and basically I need time to think on my own and absorbe what the reality is. My onc. is a let's get going on chemo. kinda guy. I'm a natural blond and don't think well on my feet on the spot. I get in my car after appt's and think damn why didn't I bring this up. Soooo...I will be checking with my fam. doc. as it should be at his office prior to my onc. appt., I did this before when I had all those stable scans while off chemo. (maybe that's a good sign) I think I'll have the opportunity this time too (it should hit his office before my onc. appt.) . It's just the last time I had nausea with D was when I first got into trouble and went to dr......two years later and it's like dejavu (did I spell that right??) Had a good laugh though, had a "student" for the CT scan (he was being supervised of course), but that question "Is there any chance you could be pregnant?" came out of his mouth I didn't think I heard him right and I said "WHAT??" He repeated it!! I heard him right, I started to laugh, poor kid....

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sorry that all happened to you. i will be praying for good results! stay busy & think positive!!!

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Going to continue my rant for today.....went to take a shower, took off my clothes, oh yeah, I still had that gauze stuck to my chest from this morning...pulled it off some blood, unusual, typically just a drop...and saw my chest in the mirror, looked like dried blood okay, into shower will wash it off...came out of shower...nope still there, have this blotch of what looks like blood under my skin all around the port.....we'll see what it's like in the morning if it's spreading I'm gonna call onc office...again, this is new/different......my guess it's probably nothing....but it's different, never ever had a mark or bruising in two years of my port being accessed.....maybe my blood thinner needs to be adjusted....

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I liked the port for less risk. I hated the port for the abrasion under the chest. I did not like the blood thinner at all! I hike in the wilderness 3-5 times a week. I would get bruises that I never could explain. I did not ride my mtn bike for a couple of years because of the fear of bleeding if I laid it down. (It is not fun to ride if you are not afraid of laying it down. Even though I laid it down 3 times in ten years.)

Best Always, mike

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Thinking of you as you wait for scan results. Prayers for good results.

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Nothing but the worst having those problems at the same time getting the scans. Pray everything looks good. Jeff

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