there is hope for stage 4 lung cancer read

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this is my cat scan after 2 rounds of chemo.. my tumor was 5 to 6cm.. and one node was 3.4cm. i did have my 3 round of chemo 2 days before the scan. there is hope
for everyone.. i feel good and didn't lose my hair.. going on my 4th round now with alitma and avastin..

FINDINGS- There has been dramatic improvement in a left upper lobe mass, with near complete resolution of mediastinal and hilar adenopathy. The majority of the adenopathy resides in the left hilarf and subcardinal locations. A dominant subcarinal node measures 1.6 cm in transverse dimension, node was previously 3.4 cm. The great vessels are normal in course and caliber. There is no axillary adenopathy. The lungs demonstrate no evidence of infiltrate or effusion. Sclerotic bony lesions are seen in the 8th and 4th rib on the right. There has been interval sclerosis of the left sixth tranverse process metastasis. Upper abdominal images are unremarkable. A right sided IJ catheter terminating in the SVC is noted.

IMPRESSION: Marked positive responce to known left upper lobe madd and extensive adenopathy.