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Tiny lung metastases in CT post chemo/radiation

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My husband was diagnosed with EC in April 2012. T2-3 N1 M0. CT post chemo & radiation showed tiny nodules in both lungs. Radiologist thought they might be inflammation from radiation. Surgeon wanted to do lung biopsy to see if nodules were benign or malignant.. Lung biopsy was performed on 10/2. Frozen section biopsy showed cancer cells. The surgery is now not an option. Chemo is now the only option. Has anyone ever experienced this post chemoradiation ???


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I can only say that my brother was on chemo for over a year and then he had lesions show up in his lungs as well, and lymph node in abdomen had grown, that was back in December of 2011. They did a different chemo and the next scan showed his lungs were clear.
Now the scans show the tumor is contained only in the esophagus.
He will be having another scan soon.

The good news is my brother is still here with us today.

I am sorry that now your husband is not a candidate for surgery, I'm sure that is a big let down to you both.

I will add you both to my prayers.


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Thanks so much for your response. My husband(Bob),up to this time, was a great candidate for surgery despite his past hx. of smoking. I am in hopes that a new chemo regime will irradicate, or decrease the nodules. There are about 10, 2mm nodules. Cancer is a beast and you never know when it will rear its ugly head. Bob's dad also died as a result of this cancer.


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I have not experienced this, however several on this site have. Some have had great response to additional chemo/rads and some not so much.

I am sure someone will respond soon to your comment, and I will try to get you some information in the next day or two.

We are praying for you and your husband and please keep us updated!!


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Hi Chad!

Thanks for your response. I appreciate any info I can get.


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I'm sorry to hear about the discovery of masses to lungs, and the change in direction for surgery. That is alot coming at you.
I would suggest getting a second opinion on the surgery.
My husband was on Chemo only and lung mets showed after 6 months. He was on Chemo only. Though everyone responds differently, you may want to ask what are your options, ie Chemo only, Chemo with Radiation, targeted treatments.

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My husband is going Oct 25 for wedge resection for nodes in his lungs to determine if it is cancer or perhaps aspiration from his gagging. He did have chemo/radiation back in 2010 and the THE surgery Dec 2010. His last 2 scans showed the lung nodes, only 1 increased slightly. The nodes are very small so unfortunately the needle biopsy is to risky and the other they did down his throat (forget what that was called) did not get enough to test.

I just wonder if the chemo helps and your husbands lung nodes disappear if surgery could be an option then? I have read where some were even stage IV and were still given surgery, where I do not know but some are still living today. Most are not but I would ask the doctors if that could be an option down this ugly road?
Praying all works out for your husband.

EC Fighter Caregiver, Carolyn

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