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Weight Gain After TT Surgery

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I had a TT in December 2009 pappilary cancer. Small enough though where I did not need radiation. At the time of surgery I weighed 130lbs. Now I weigh 170. No matter what diet or exercise I cannot lose weight. My dr. doses my synthoid according to my TSH results each 8 weeks. Sometimes I take 125mcg and then others I may take 88mcg or 100 mcg.
I read here some time ago where that person said your dosage should be around what your present weight is, well I am at 170 and my dosage has never been more than 125mcg.
I am very uncortable with this weight I just don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

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Hi: I am not an expert, but your dose does sound low. I started at 100mcg after my surgery(weight was about 130 like you). My dose went up to 125mcg - weight was stable, then started to climb.(up to about 145) I now take 150mcg each day...and I must say feeling good. Weight is slowly coming down. I do need to work out regularly and watch what I eat - I am not too strict with myself - I enjoy food so will opt for an extra workout if I have overindulged.

By the way - I am 5'4" and 47 years old if that helps.

Maybe get a second opinion from another dr?

Good luck

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