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Time for an update

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Hi everbody,

I thought I should give a short sign of life.

Vacation over. We spent 3 wonderful weeks in south France, enjoying perfect weather and having lots of fun. Thanks to one pill with Loperamid daily husband was able to spend a absolutely normal vacation. Also no problems with condition, so we were really active and did some nice (geocaching) trips. See pictures on my facebook page. No special problems after his Ileostomy takedown in June. Fine!

Now we are back in Cologne and it's autumn... cold, rainy, uncomfortable...

Husband is back to work after 9 months. So far everything ok. Last weeks bloodwork was as expected. Liver counts still out of norm, but slowly recovering. CEA at 0.8 (95 before surgery). Nice!

But just as I relaxed a bit he had 2 nights of extreme swetting and I started worrying again. He had the same just before he was diagnosed. Well, that was 3 nights ago and has yet not returned. Wait and see...

Next checks are scheduled for mid November. Hope they will be clear so the dream of India may come true in December...

A hug from Germany

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Are the night sweats from colorectal cancer..not to make you more nervous but I know they could be a sign of lymphoma. Hope its nothing though.

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... it was there before sugery and gone afterwards (tumor and liver mets removed). Once returned for 2 days as he had an infection...

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It is great to hear about the vacation with no complications. That is wonderful and I pray everything stays calm and under control forever. Jeff

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Happy that you enjoyed a much needed holiday together. Praying for good results in November.
My best to you and your husband,

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A trip to India sounds exciting....hope all goes well with the scans :)

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