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Sorry seems to be the hardest word

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Just found out last evening, the wonderful, kind woman that was my roommate at The James, passed on July 17,2012.
Susie and I became so close and promised each other to keep in touch after we both were up to it, we spoke on the phone and she was in a nursing home in Northern Ohio....I, at the time, had a whisper of a voice, told her I would call when she didn't have to keep saying "what"?
Have been calling, phone no longer in service, facebook, no activity..something told me to goggle, but until last night I couldn't remember what her real name was..I just knew her as Susie. Sitting and watching Dancing with the Stars, and all of a sudden Beverly popped into my mind, that was Susie's first name. After the show, I searched and there was her obituary......always seems to me, that sorry seems to be the hardest word, sad, so sad

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Grandma. It is hard when we meet people under these kind of circumstances, because the chances are we are going to lose some of our new found friends. I'm sorry you have lost one of yours.


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I hope your friend has moved to a comfortable place, free of pain. Rick.

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at the loss of your friend ..I praye comfort for her family..


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Pam M
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It's sad you had to lose your friend.

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