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I am on the list yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Dear friends,

I am smiling as 33% is better than 0%. who believes numbers anyway, not me. I am still typing and optomistic about the next few months.

hipec surgeon said 33% curative odds in my case today.

the angio ct showed a couple of small liver tumours, operable and the lung met can be rfa'd

and minimal peritoneal disease. so i am scheduled for the chopping board soon after 14nov.

now as you know i will be in baden baden at getting some interesting therapies.

see my post before http://csn.cancer.org/node/247159

the professor, so well respected said I cannot advise to go to germany, their are no clinical studies to recommend. I said I paid a non refundable deposit of 15000 euros last night, i got my flights booked for the aussie guinnea pig. he did not smile, but

he said i will email more german removab peritoneal guru peer, and see about timing. i ask him if i was crazy, he did not say YES.

Prof expects i will still have plenty of active disease after removab, i hope he is wrong. time will tell.

I have had opions from india, denmark and germany and a few around sydney.

I have a 5 week plan in germany using removab and likely dr vogel above for targetting mets.

I have surgery as a back up for hipec at home if needed.

I hope you are all well, and come over for coffee.

I am so grateful to be accepted for hipec surgery in the best center in australia.

Its a relief to go to the worlds best alt clinic and through some seriously heavy therapies at these a little tumours. The last few weeks have been really intense with getting this plan together.

now i can relax and execute the plan.


ps did you notice the prof ordered the angio ct that found the liver mets, you need an angio ct to get the clarity. screw the oncologists that send us to street front ct clinics, these procedures need to be done at hospital. so yes 5 onc missed the liver mets, it took a liver/hipec surgeon to order the test that found the cause of my rising cea

pps going hardcore ketogenic diet for 6 weeks.

ppps updated medical records that the international specialists are reviewing
the latest ct result is a surprise.

pppps my blog for today

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Congrats! I look forward to reading your good news updates as they happen! Keep up the positive thinking.

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This is grand news indeed. I am so pleased for you!

Peace, Laurie

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Glad to hear that you have been approved for hipec and that other issues can be resolved with surgery.

Can you tell us how the angio CT differed from the usual CT scan with contrast? Would be good to know for future reference. Was it done with contrast? Was it done using the same machine? Does it just do blood vessels and arteries or does it also do organs? Inquiring minds want to know...lol.


Marie who loves kitties

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I did that Pete, 3 months of 600-700kl per day, maybe better to put weight on before surgery? not an expert opinion, just wondering.

I didn't lose any weight but sure didn't add any either, my BMI is perfect ;-)

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Starting fast while travelling Germany,
I got mediclear plus, see iherb.
Need some mct oil and pyto nutrient shakes.

Hipec is fallback, still trying with diet.
Alas I am stubborn beyond belief, I can try ketosis for 6 weeks at Germans top Clinic.
I always wanted to try fasting, effectively I am.

Let's see if ketogenic, removab and litt can cure me before prof Morris needs to slash deep and burn .
6 weeks is crunch time.

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Yes the contrast near spleen, gets blown downstream to liver.
It offers the best clarity, this lesson I have shared may cost me, it's taken 10 freakin months. All the onc wants is chemo till you drop. Sorry but he can go inject himself. I want to live and the best hope is Vogel.

Just read the litt and tace papers. Everyday in Germany I will share the sides, I hope they are rough.

Sorry Craig, but the trifunctuonal antibody has to really screw me into the ground to get the peritoneal Mets Mets down.
Vogel has to do litt on lung and liver Mets, and I have to heal and rest and get strong for a shoot at cure with peritonecomy hipec back in Sydney with prof Morris.

3 months, of fun in the snow and Sun.

I can do this, but not without love, care and support.

I put up my big Sos a few weeks ago.

For the record, going back to work grew those Mets, stress and sugar feds cancer in my opinion for me.

All our decisions shape our lives and our chances.

I need to find the ketogenic diet simple cancer approach. I am 83 kg on good days.

Too skinny now, I am going to achieve ketosis duff it ffwell kills me and once and for all stave these tumours into submission.

Then removab can come along

Exciting times, these Therapies don't have to cost there earth.


Ps read the blog

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Excellent news. Congratulations! My husband had hipec in April. 8 hr surgery. Recovery for him was not that bad. He too lost his spleen. Keep us all posted. My husband (Steve) and I are rooting for you.


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on getting on the list for surgery. Good luck with the surgery and the other procedures to come.

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Good luck with the surgery....

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Glad you made the hipec list!!! That is a long wait, but better then no wait at all??
Winter Marie

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Great news. Enjoy your flight to Germany. Lots of luck to you!!!

Cathleen Mary
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Great news, Pete. Good luck in Germany. Many blessings as you continue to work toward NED.

Cathleen Mary

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Glad you got on the list. Hope all goes well in Germany. Are you going by yourself? Whatever route you decide, wishing you the best.


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Hi Pete, I am following your posts with interest. I am involved in the health industry and would be very interested to know which cancer centre you are referring to in Aus. (not being nosy, just interested) Cheers dinkydi8

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surgeons here, he is based out of saint george hospital. hipec is there field of expertese.

be as nosy as you want, its why we are here. pm me if you are local aussie and you you want to chat


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i am so happy for you. and you always are so positive & i love that! good luck in germany. i will be praying for you & your family. i am glad you will post as all of us are very interested.

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love and positive energy follows you.

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up up and away, i say!

life is an adventure, its just strange how some of us have a few cancer cells.

taking my kids and there friends to the movies, the big family eurodisney vacation has been shelved, based on advice. going to germany to rest and heal and recovery and kill a few cells.


ps I will miss wife and kids dearly, but I am playing this game for the long term prize!

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Hi pete,

Which clinic in Germany are u going ?

Is it in Baden Baden ?

I believe the dr vogl u are referring to is In Frankfurt .

Is that correct ?


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are we going to have coffee ?
I will drink one with the first friend from csn i meet at the german clinik.

its another glorious sunrise downunder.

doc vogl is in frankfurt.


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Wow was just thinking that you spent 15,000 euros on this trip that would be almost $20,000 USA. Hope this trip is beneficial to you and you get the answers you need.


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