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Oncologist "suggested" no reconstruction

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SO while my appt went well yesterday with my onc. When I told her how I had to have my expandanders removed for the infection and had to put off my recon, she suggested I not do reconstruction!! She said she tells all of her triple negative patients this. I had already decided on my bi lateral with when I first saw her initially and she never said that to me then. When I asked her why she feels this way she set me very straight in her very kind way that being triple neg., by chances of dancing with NED are not great and especially since my chemo did not wipe out every single cell. She said if I have reoccurence all that work comes out again... I asked if I would be better off to wait two years to consider the recon., and she said she wished I would. Ok ladies... What do you think? Any triple negatives told this? I am reading between her lines/word and afraid she is telling me she suspects my cancer will retuen in less than 2 years... Would love your input here!

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what stage are you?
I was diagnosed as Stage 1, Grade 3, no lymph nodes on 8/19/10 after the 2nd lumpectomy to get clean margins. Lumpectomy was recommended due to the early stage, plus I was told that the chances of survival were the same for mastecomy ad lumpectomy with radiation. I did 6 rounds CT (4 taxotere and 2 taxol) and 33 rads. My onc said that with TN, the chances of recurrance are higher in the first few years but it responds well to chemo. With my treatment, I got the odds down to about 13%...
I've just graduated to 4 month checkups from 3.
Hugs back.

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Congrats on your progress!!
No radiation here, just chemo 6 rounds of TAC every 3 weeks and Bi lateral mast. DX nov 2011.

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I'm sorry Sandy. I had a lumpectomy, so, I didn't need any reconstruction. How about a 2nd opinion?

Hugs, Angie

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Insurance permitting, I would go for a 2nd opinion before proceeding forward.
Sounds like you need to get clarification on your current health condition,
before making any decisions.

I wish you all the best .. and I pray and hope you get the answers regarding
reconstructions, and options.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a cure.

Vicki Sam

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Maybe she is just trying to save you additional pain and troubles since you've already had some issues with expanders.

I was diagnosed at Stage 3 IDC in Nov.'09, had lumpectomy, axillary dissection, 6 rounds of TAC and 33 rads. Just became Stage 4 this January with bone mets and in August had a recurrence in same breast and mastectomy on that side. Since all that treatment happened on that side before the mastectomy (namely rads), my surgeon doesn't think a reconstruction will be possible. I'm still dealing with extreme tightness and the skin actually feels like it's glued to my ribs. He doesn't think there would be enough elasticity to stretch that skin out. Even though I'm Stage 4, he said he would still recommend the reconstruction if it were not for that factor and said let's see how it goes down the road.

Another opinion might help you sort this out.

Hugs, Renee

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I'm hoping that you can get another opinion Sandy. It might not change the outcome, but, you never know.

Hugs and lots of prayers,


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Also Stage 2 grade 3. I had 4 A/C and 4 taxol , bilateral mastectomy and radiation. Had expanders but in at time of original surgery with one side not fully expanded til after radiation. Permanent implants put in almost a year ago, got an infection on radiated side after surgery and another in April, but strong regiment of antibotics cleared them up. Dr. wanted me in hospital in April and I said no because it was right before Easter and my kids were coming home.
I just went from 3 month check ups with my oncologist to six month check ups.
They did think they got all the cancer with chemo and radiation radiation wiped out any strays. :-)

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Megan M
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I just wanted to send you hugs and to also suggest perhaps a 2nd opinion?

Hugs, Megan

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Sandy, you look beautiful in your picture. I had a bimast, and I was asked by a someone if I had "work done", because I looked so young (65)! Don't let society's obsession with breasts be an issue in your decision.
Focus on taking the best care of yourself, eat the good veggies, and meditate regularly. Blessings to you and your sweet girl.

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I am sorry anyone of you have to continue to face this especially when so many of us have gone before. I was extremely ill trying to get someone anyone to listen to me. But they did and 15 years later I am still fighting my way through.
I did not have reconstruction because surgery of any kind proved to be too traumatic for this body of mine, side affects. I decided that living was my priority not having breasts of any kind played into it. I have never regretted that decision. I had one breast removed at a time because I was so ill at the time.
Doctors can say and believe all they want but this site proves them wrong in the good and bad of our lives all the time. I after 14 years found out exactly how bad the cancer I had was something they didn't know at the time but the study was in and proved things to them that they didn't believe at the time. WE are all different and have to be treated as such and I think that is happening more now.
I don't come here that often believing my fight for cancer is long behind me but something always brings me back to voices of reason that can be heard here. I guess someone of us need to be here writing so all of you know that we survive amazing things and that is the best that there is...
As more things go wrong with my health I can only find gratitude for have living so long to watch my son emerge as a healthy young man and that is the best there is...
BEing good to ourselves is the first step in a new way of living.
Tara Hammond

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Tara, Thank you!! I am so inspired by your story!!

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