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Should I be worried

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As I have written in post emails, I have finished (for the moment) with my RChop and rituxtan three weeks ago until I have further tests done this month. The fatigue is really bad and my hips hurt so bad that I have gone back on my pain meds. Had hip pain for several months, but thought it was just old age (65 here). Never knew that it was part of my NHL being in the bone marrow. Wondering if the pain is normal. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi carol,

Did chemo make the pain go away and now it's back?

Pain is so perplexing. I had strange right shoulder pains that ended up being due to lymphoma growing on my liver. After one R-CHOP, the pain magically went away! I was amazed... until it came back shortly thereafter. I thought for sure that my cancer was back.. so worry I did. Though, at my mid-treatment PET scan, it did show the tumor shrinking.. the pain still was coming.

You and I are in the same boat.. waiting on tests. I guess we have to take this on one day at the time..

I wish I had a better answer for you.. but I understand what you're going thru :) Take care

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Were you stage 4, with bone involvement ?

If you were not stage 4, then there was no cancer in the hips to begin with.

I would wait and find out your exact status before reading too much into the pain. Chemo causes very odd feelings and pains, some of which are basically not explainable, even by the best doctors. I have had NUMEROUS, very odd pain occurences since finishing infusions three years ago, some of which still continue today. For instance, my incision in my left armpit hurts due to a nerve bundle being cut through. Later, the right arm developed the EXACT SAME feelings. It has been checked negative for any disease. It is just a bizarre thing, which, as I said, doctors cannot explain.

Good luck with it, and do not worry yourself do death with "what if?" possibilities. The "what ifs" are endless.



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Yes, i am stage 4 with bone marrow involvemet. My hips were huring before I was staged. Thought it was just old age, I'm 65. Now it's even worse. I do have further tests ths month, will talk to my oncologist. Hoping it was the treatments and wll clear up soon.

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Carol, Hiccup

I am on Rituxan monotherapy and am having similar weird experiences with rather severe pain. My journey started with a half-golfball sized lump on my left shoulder. It was excised before my cancer diagnosis with the directions for biopsy "check for cyst". Results were "verified probable cyst". Now the opposite shoulder hurts. After beginning Rituxan the swelling went down but now is very painful. Mystery is that once I took Rituxan, a backache I had for years just went away! I am going next week to schedule shoulder surgery. This time they will look for signs of lymphoma.

Thanks for posting this interesting info and very best to both of you!

Follicular Lymphoma Stage IV grade 2A

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Hi Carol,

Sorry you are not feeling well. I think the fatigue is very normal
for now (recently completed RCHOP). Regarding the bone/hip pain, I'd
discuss with your doctor. You stated involvement in the bone marrow
and pain there for several months so it could very well be that.

For me, I primarily experienced bone pain/aches after Neulasta shots for
a few days (I didn't have bone marrow involvement). If your pain medication
isn't effective, discuss that with your doctor also.

I hope you get to feeling better soon and please keep us updated.

Hugs and positive thoughts,

DX: DLBL 4/2011, Chemo completed 10/2011, currently in remission. :)

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Sorry triple post

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Thank you for responding. I do have other tests this month and will discuss this with my oncologist.

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Dear Carol,

I have such pain in my right hip. I believe and know it is probably from the bone marrow biopsy I had in Oct 2009. My bone marrow was negative for activity.

So sorry for your pain..Love Maggie

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Thanks everyone for the responses and advice. Yesterday I got up, went to lunch with some friends, then stopped at Target for a quick shopping trip. When I got home realized that my hips were not hurting any more. This morning same thing! Sure I was really tired yesterday and had to take a short nap, but I know that the fatigue will be with me for a while, but I'll take it. I've had two bone marrow biopsies, so blaming the pain on that. Much relieved that the pain is gone. Again thank you all, this forum has been a great source of info that I appreciate very much!

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