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I had my first chemo 2 and almost 1/2 weeks ago and I am so tired and still feeling terrible. I get my second chemo in 6 days and I just do not feel strong enough. Is this normal to be drained all of the time? 1/2 way thru the grocery store I had to give up s I was exhausted. Any suggestions to build strenght?

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Everyone reacts differently to chemo....fatigue is part of it, sadly...I would try to rest as much as possible, yet take a short walk...make yourself do it...hard as that is....it can help with the fatigue.....keep hydrated and try to eat..high carb foods help...what chemo cocktail are you getting?

You'll get through this, I promise...not saying it will be easy but we will...speak to your oncologist if you don't improve...

Wishing you the best..keep us posted, we care....
Hugs, Nancy

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I agree with Nancy. Just "keep on keeping on." But do drink lots and lots of fluids and tell your oncologist how you feel. They can give you IV fluids and adjust some of the meds, if necessary. It is not easy, but doable and a must do.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.


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Chemo kicked me down hard, wiped me out....Some days I laid in bed all day and night. Only made it to the bathroom when necessary..then I got a little depressed, which is also normal.
Chemo was extremely hard for me.
Yet, my body seemed to respond better with less fatigue after a while....I think my body got a little "used" to the chemo and got a bit better..
The advice Nancy and Angie gave you is perfect, so I'll chime in re-affirm.

Talk to your onco, or call and speak to the nurse about all your concerns..I'm sure they will help you...don't be afraid to call, they are used to taking phone calls like this all day,

My chemo nurse told me to make a Spinach Salad w/Feta Cheese,Fresh Strawberries,Silvered Almonds....high in iron, and protein from cheese and almonds, and rehydration from strawberries....
Take a short walk to the mailbox
Drink water...
Please re-post so we know how your doing


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Try to do some form of exercise, just walking a little bit even. I know that sounds strange, but, exercise will help. Also, if you're tired, try to take a nap. Allow yourself to just take it easy if you are exhausted. Drink lots of water.

Good luck,


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I agree as well with all of the advice you are getting here. I suffered with the fatigue and I will be honest just getting to the bathroom was an insurmountable task. I did not walk as much as I should have and I did lose a little muscle. So if you can do it, walk a short distance every day. I wish I had listened to that advice. Building back muscle at my age isn't easy :) But you will find strength within over the next few months that you never knew could be possible! Believe in yourself and know that we all believe in you as well!

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