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Test(s) news

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Saw my oncology nurse this morning. I've been recertified for another three months, with no more tests (other than labs) for 6 months. Kind of makes me feel like a fire extinquisher-they check and retag them yearly and they have to be inspected and marked every month.

There were no changes in everything that was CT scanned-thyroid, lungs, spleen, pancreas, what's left of the liver, mild fluid retention where there is no gall bladder, lots of clips where there was once a kidney, etc. etc. The new radiologist did notice the metal spots near my bladder....those were the screws that backed out of the plate holding my ribs together after they removed gall bladder and 1/2 liver. The only thing that is not encouraging is the fact that the disk betwee L5-S1 is deteriorating even more; but I'll deal with that another day.

For once, in the 6 years, I didn't get really anxious before the test. And the Outpatient Infusion room/hospital provided lunch with yummy chocolate cake. Almost worth the visit.

So now I can hang back and cheer everyone else on.

I tried to post a new pix. The theme for our local Relay for Life was "superheroes", hence the wild background fabric.

Had a Greeeeaaaaaat Day. Best to everyone.

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Keep up the good work. I envy those who have had it harder than myself and still give encouagement to others. I also like choclate cake. What happened to your picture?


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If you can't put the new picture up, please re-submit the one we've already grown attached to.

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Donne Lee,

Since your pic has not shown up I don't know which super hero you were, but Wonder Woman would be very apropos.

You are a true hero in my book,


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Good news! Love to hear news like this! Makes everyone's day, especially yours!!

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Thas suthren tawk...
My brother was a Professor at Auburn U for over 30 years and I have to give him a bad time, expecially now that their football team is struggling.

I appreciate the good wishes from everyone.

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Donna, You know that I am feeling your glory. And I wanna get on that ride with you! Good news all around for EVERYONE!!!

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