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Hi everyone, I am a member of this web site, and have lung cancer, I'm normally on the lung forum so I don't visit this forum that often. I'm hoping someone can help to maybe answer some questions about this type of cancer. My husband discovered a dark spot on the roof of his mouth this morning, he says it is sore to the touch. The first thing I thought of when he told me was cancer, so I did a little research on line and he actually has three of the symptoms, the spot, soreness, and I have noticed over the past months his voice has become hoarse also. He has an appointment tomorrow to see a Dr. I guess I would post these concerns in hopes of hearing from someone who knows about this type of cancer, if it is, I"m hoping it isn't, otherwise we'll both be sharing this site for support. Hope you can help.

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welcome to our little corner of CSN, although we're sorry for what brought you here.
we hope your husband has a cancer false-alarm, and won't need our support! regardless, please let us know how tomorrow's appointment goes!

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Sorry you are having to possibly face another round. We will be here if you need us...
Hopefully will turn out to be another cause.....

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first, I'm no doctor..I'm only going to give what I have read (mostly on this site) ....but too I don't know how lon the spot has been there.

I have read / been told that early cancer in the mouth "usually" is not painful to the touch, also, has it grown or "changed" in size?

I can't offer much bc my tumor was at the base of my tongue....but hang in there and I am sorry you had to stop by our group..I'm hoping for you this will just be a passing by wave...but we are here for you if you need us :)

Whispered a prayer this is nothing..and said one for your situtation as well ...



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Pam M
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I'm hoping that we don't see you here any more after your hubby has his spot checked out. I don't think I've heard of people with oral cancer having hoarseness - some with lower (like ora-pharyngeal) cancers have, though.

Hoping you all get an answer soon, and that not only is the spot not cancer, it's also not long-lasting.

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for your responses, well wishes, and prayers, I'm hoping we won't become members of this board too, but if it turns out we are, I don't think I could ask for a better support team as what I've already received so far. Just wanted to say thank you to each of you, and I will post again later after my husband has his results from seeing the Dr. today. Many blessings with continued good health to you all. They don't call us survivors for nothing!

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