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Does anyone know how Doc-Hawk is doing?. Is the pneumonia clearing up?

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is feeling a bit better and is just taking a short break.

Peace, Laurie

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Good to hear he is doing a little better - miss him on the boards.


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Hi all and thank you for the thoughts. The latest x-ray showed that the pneumonia is all gone so now it's just a matter of time getting my wind and strength back up to par. I've got a physical therapist coming in three days a week and the progress is going well. The set back last week when I had such a bad reaction to the chemo left me needing a lot of rest over the weekend, which I was finally able to get.

I'm taking a little bit of a break from the boards right now; all of the friends that we've lost since Cheryl have got to me a bit. I've also re-discovered the joy of reading just for pleasure instead of for assignments. It's been far too long before this Spring that I've been able to get immersed in worlds that only exist on the page.

God Bless to all!


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thanks for posting.

Your in my thoughts and prayers.

I can hear you with wanting to get away from it all... I've had that same feeling.
I read more than I post, but do pray for everyone here.

It's a scary journey, but we keep fighting the battle and trying to be as positive as possible.

Hugs my friend.
You have much to offer so many, so keep up the fight.


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Go for it Doc. My self I immerse in writing again, my book is coming along fine and have received good reviews. Words on paper are fabulous. It tells stories and it shares thoughts.
Just remember when reading your books, that you are in our thoughts, we care for you and miss you when you stay away to long. Get strong again.
Hugs my friend, Marjan

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enjoy your break. hey with being a history major there are plenty of good books. maybe about gettysburg since you like reading about the civil war. that sounded like a really neat place that you stayed at when you were there. i actually thought of you when we were there because there was some type of huge gathering of bikers in a town close by. there was a parade & activities in that town. so we saw a lot of bikers in gettysburg. real nice people. i told gary that you would prob like to be with them!!! glad you are better!

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Yeah, it would have been a lot of fun cruising through the battle sites with a group of fellow saddle tramps. I'd love to go back there during the spring or early summer some day and spend about a week exploring.

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