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Vivacious couple (Not exactly)

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Last night I realized what a sight David and I are right now. He is lying back in one recliner looking pitiful and I am lying back in the other one with my legs propped up. I am trying to take care of him as he is still recovering from the BOT surgery, while trying to rest enough since I am dead tired do to the pregnancy. I got an appointment with a high risk obstetrician yesterday due to high blood pressure and AMA (Advanced Maternal Age). What a hoot. David is slowly getting better and his speech sounds better every day. He still isn't swallowing and is supplementing ensure with tomato soup, orgain and whatever else he can shove down his tube. He really doesn't like the gravity feeding at all. He says if he can't tolerate the bolus feeding he is not going to be a happy camper. At least it seems that adding new things in to his diet is helping. One question. He keeps having a headache at his temple on the side in which he had the cancer. Could this be residual from one of his surgeries?

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Can't say what the headache is the result of but I would put a call in to doctor just to let them know. Is David able to swallow water? If not, I'd consult with the doctor on that too. Glad you have two recliners :-)

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I have a suggestion for feeding David. For me I used a gravity bag to tube feed with, my wife just filled it up about 1000ml and let gravity do the work it can take about an hour or so depending on the consistey of the food. For me it was a God send i didn't like syringe feeding at all

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Not a doctor ..so def bring up the headaches to your team of docs....

My mother had a headache a solid week after a surgery one time....maybe even two weeks....pretty bad one it never went away for that two weeks, just up and down on the pain scale until finally it did away...

Doc attributed it to the anesthesia she recieved and her bodies reaction to it...

But still best to brin it up and be persistant at gettin it checked thoroughly if it persists...

Glad to see you both home ....tell David prayers are continuing ...now for you and that baby too!


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