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I don't believe you understand how much you've touched our lives. My sister-in-law and I have read through each and every one of your posts. We cannot thank you enough for the amount of knowledge and comfort we have gained. Your threads are like your arms reaching out to help all of us who are seeking desperately for help. Your selfless and relentless drive to help others who are more fortunate than yourself as far as RCC is concerned is heroic.

I know your treatment will be effective, and you will thrive and enjoy life for many many more years to come, however I am still sad. Sad because I cannot think of a way I can be of any assistance to you.

If I were Behrman, I’d paint you the last leaf.

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I wanted to add my thoughts and prayers to everyone else's. 

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I've been popping in and out of here the past 3 months, and have mostly been out and hadn't been up-to-date. I read this thread with a heavy heart. It's been nearly a year since my diagnosis and I started posting here in late November or December, and your thoughtful, intelligent, heart-felt, and humorous posts have been and continue to mean a lot to me.

Thank you, thank you.




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