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Saliva pills and vital stim therapy

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Hello to all
I have been keeping posted by reading everyone's posts but have not posted in a while. We have been going down to north Carolina for
The tread procedure and subsequent dilations in our quest to eat again. So far I am happy to say dad is drinking, chugging water down!!!
Eating speg. By the spoonfull. Foods that slide down easy are without a problem, however pizza while it does go down it is not as easy.
Therefore the experia or vital stim therapy was suggested to us along with salagen pills for extra saliva. The swallow doctor said the vital stim might just help us turn the corner in getting the food down, like jump starting a battery only jump starting the muscles to help push down the hard to swallow foods.
Has anyone tried this therapy? And has anyone tried the salagen pills for saliva?
To all that are struggling right now....never give up...
My best to all

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Sounds like things are turning around... Can't remeber your time frame since Tx ended..., it's a very slow process.

I have heard a few that have used salagen, but with minimal success unfortunately.

It took me a good 6 - 9 months to start getitng a decent amount of saliva back. Nearly two years to completely regain all taste.

Now at over 3 1/2 years, I have 100% taste nad around 95% saliva..just drying out at night during sleep.

Hoping things work out soon for you guys...


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Thanks John
Treatment ended just about 1 year ago 10-24-11. The peg was 1year ago 9-12-11. I had heard similar about the salagen and dads salivia isn't that bad he did get a lot back, the dr just thought more would help him get down the meats. (I think it is more the weakened muscles) I also heard minimal success with the vital stim but it maybe worth a try.
My dad tried biotene gel for at night and it helped pretty well.
Thanks for the input

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