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Local News says New age guidelines for Mammograms

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One of our local newscasts had info about mammograms and new age guidelines. They stated that women should be getting mammograms starting at age 50 and then have one every two years unless their is family history of breast cancer.

Wow. So many of us are being diagnosed in our 40s for cancer (and I realize early ages, too but I always thought mammograms starts at 40). I sure hope this isn't going to be the standard. We see so often of us post...no family history.

Anyone else hear anything about this?

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and I had bc diagnosed at 44. My sister lives in Washington, and she was also told that she only needs to have a colonoscopy every 12 years, and a mammo every 6 now. Sounds like out insurance company is trying to save a little money!

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I am just floored again by how doctors and agencies get bought by big money and insurance companies. Obviously they DO NOT read these discussion boards for those with breast cancer.How can they deny the statistics about the number of women under 50 who get breast cancer. And isn't it possible that since those in the 40s get regular mammograms help find earlier stage cancer? Morons, MORONS I tell you.

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A travesty for sure. But are these insurance company or government guidelines?


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I actually think they should start mammos at 35 for a baseline, but, the insurance companies and the government will never go for this. There are so many young women being diagnosed anymore. Waiting until 50 could be too late for many.

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