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latest Ct-scan findings

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Just had a scan on the 26th, the good news is I'm still NED. I had blood work also, not so good news. elevated Alkaline Phosphatase, potassium,and glucose. My ct-scan also showed that my liver is mildly fatty. My Onc. recommend I see My PCP for the possible causes. Needless to say I did some research and read could possibly indicate liver disease. I am seeing my PCP today and am just a wreck. I also read that having certain chemo drugs can also cause damage to various organs, I haven't had chemo for 3 yrs. but last blood test, which was 6 months ago everything was within normal range. Have any of you experienced any of these since your post treatments? Any info at all would help ease my mind.

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Hello, Great news on your clear scan. I was shown to have a fatty liver also, my oncologist was'nt worried about it. I believe it is common, and your diet may have a lot to do with it. I am sure your pcp will go over all that with you, and please let us know what your pcp says. I wish you well. Lori

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