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O.T. venting on friends care

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I visit an 84 yr old man almost daily at nursing home. I have known him all my life. Sat I went to bring him some food and visit and he was acting very weird and confused etc. I pointed it out staff he was going to faint etc.

THEY said oh the Nurse knows. I waited for the nurse to come to his dining table. NEVER came over so I wheeled him over..said he is not well. "I can't do anything unless his family says to sent to the ER" I said WHO DID you call? She said NO ONE..I called his kids, they called and we went to Er (I went with him) and he has pnumonia and dehydrated. The amount of $ paid weekly for his care and IF I was not there he would have gotten worse. I even had to get him to his room and IN BED..no help...wiated for ambulance.

thanks for listening/ aks reading


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Bless you Denise.

I worked in a nursing home and I feel that it is worse than being in prison for those poor patients. I was given 21 patients to get up, showered, breakfasted, beds changed, then lunched. No breaks, I was exhausted, and the patients suffered from lack of sufficient help. But that nurse is inexcusable! She could have called the relatives.

Please, please, if you love your relative or friend and you have to have them in a nursing home, visit OFTEN and keep speaking up, or they will not make it. Experience speaking here.


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i got daily except on rare occassion have to miss..

I understnad over worked..but he kept passing out for min or so ...they saw it..i told them...no one would help or assist...

I am sure they are over worked-I get it...he was so so sick...i had to get him in bed myself-i was afraid he was going to end up on the floor..

Thanks for listening and letting me vent..


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I am so glad that you were there Denise to help that poor man. Who knows what might have happened if you hadn't of been. God bless you for visiting him and getting him the help he needed.

I know some are over worked, but, they still should do a proper job, especially when someone's life is in jeopardy.

Thanks again!

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Kristin N
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You were definitely his angel that day Denise! Thank you!.

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Some people aren't as observant! Sometimes they figure this is how a person will be at 84 years old. His family may want to look into a better facility or have a private aide for him. My husbands grandmother had a private aide while she was at the care facility. Marie was a big help.
I bet they are glad you didn't just put him back to bed and leave it at that.

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I agree over worked and under paid but WHEN I POINTED out passing out misc times (for brief moments) shiving etc at LEASE call family...I was there over hour prior to them calling at my request...

thanks for comments...

Also happy i was there when I was...

his daughter is going through chemo-ill, can't be in germs etc..so I visit as much as i can..she can only visit outside in nice days ..no crowd..etc..

thanks all


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