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Saliva and Sore Lips

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I had radiation and chemo for cancer of the larynx about 17 months ago and am doing pretty well. I just wondered if anyone has figured out any way to generate saliva? I still don't have any so have to keep water by my side all the time. I do use stopper's 4 at night when my mouth is the dryest. I don't seem to have improved at all and having such a dry mouth really keeps me from eating most carbs, such as bread, cakes, crackers, cookies, etc. My other problem is constant chapped and peeling lips. I use Aquaphor and vasoline all the time, but nothing helps. I am always aware of them. Any ideas would help!

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have had both but am only about 5 mos. from finishing tx. I used regular Aquaphor ointment and recently switched to the Aquaphor lip repair. I've seen an improvement since the switch. I suggest trying a glass of milk with the carbs you mentioned above, milk tends to help just about anything go down easier. Matt suggested XyliMelts for dry mouth. I took his advice and ordered some. Not sure if it was just my time or if the Xylimelts jolted the saliva. I still get a dry mouth but nothing like it was. In fact, I have actually gone off and forgot my water bottle on several occasions and can sleep the night thru without reaching for that glass of water on the nightstand. Timing for everyone is a little different, hope you turn the corner soon.


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lips are fine, however at night my mouth drys up to the point I wake up about every hour to take a gargle of water to moisten it, sometimes during the day same thing. So dry my tongue sticks to the top of my mouth and my lips stick together. I gargle with Biotene seems to help a little but since I breath thru my mouth while sleeping it just seems to dry out almost immediately. Not sure where I am on the saliva, eating pretty much what I choose, toast with lots of butter or flour tortillas, but must have a drink to get down each bite. Some on this site say the saliva will come back sooner or later for most of us but until then keep water or milk or something close. Good luck to you

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I’ve had good luck with the Xylemelts. I can easily make it through the night and I don’t wake up too desert mouth. They don’t work for everyone and they are funky. They have a backing that causes them to stick where you put them (between cheek and gum). I have semi-choked on one and I’ve found them on my pillow case. They cost $15 or $16 for a pack of 80. I buy 3 packs at a time and get shipping free through Amazon. I use them when ever I am going to be where I don’t want to be drinking constantly (but I always try to have my water close by)



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