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◄ What Is Your Pet Peeve Or What Drives You Nuts? ►

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I know we all have them, and, I thought it would be interesting to read what is your pet peeve or what really drives you nuts.

So, would you like to share? I'll tell if you will! lol


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I think some people are late on purpose because they don't like to be told what to do or they think they are too important. That's what a doctor said once on a tv show. Think it is true?

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When I read a set of instructions, policy, or other important document and in there it says, "Read and understand". No one can command you to understand. As Judge Judy would say "this requires the knowlege of the operation of thier mind". No one besides the person and God himself has that kind of knowlege. I wish we could command others to understand but it is not within our power.

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I cant stand people who swear five times in one sentence or who use the word " sucks" for everything they dont like...
I agree that cancer does suck , but wouldnt go around every day saying that either...... Sue D

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My husband and I were talking about this a little at supper tonight -- we have a grown niece (works as a nurse) who can't seem to speak a sentence without bad language in it- even more than once in it. She manages to jam it in even where it does not seem to fit. We have other relatives who come in a close second. We cringe when we hear it.

It is as if coarse language now is cool to use anywhere. I was appalled with the language the President used the other day in talk with writers at Rolling Stone magazine, as well as one of his campaign's very recent ads. It demeans the office of the Presidency. (I'd think the same if it were some other president, either party.)

Where is the civility?

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don't even think of replying or smiling back when you pass them and say "good morning" or whatever. No response has become the norm. How rude!


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Kay: At the other building I worked at for 10 yrs...there were handful of co workers who I would say HI to (make eye contact) and they would just look at me! I was receptionist-never moved from my post so not like I caught them off gaurd..just rude..


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Doesn't it seem Kay that a lot of people just don't have good manners anymore? I don't know if they haven't been taught at home or if they are just in such a hurry. I always say hi or good morning or smile at everyone. A smile is free!

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Luckily my co workers know I am a slow reactor. They say Hi and I have something on my mind I ract 20 seconds later. I have also been known to appologize for bumping into another later like that. But I react within normal time frames when not in "mission mode".

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Different Ballgame
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It drives me nuts when a SUV parks in a space designated for a small car. It happens all the time in the parking lot for Northwestern Memorial Hospital. I often wonder if those drivers can read or are they that stubborn and inconsiderate to another driver of a small car. What's wrong is that the SUV makes it extremely difficult for the person parked next to them to get into his/her car. Once, I had to ask a super skinny girl if she would enter my car and drive it out of its spot, so that I could get into my car. It was difficult for her to squeeze into that space to enter my car.

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thought of another one...when drivers MAKING left hand turn go all the way to right side of lane!


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There are allot, and those who hate spelling errors get mad when the paper you buy does it not those of us who write on here. Emotions change everything and thoughts more improtant,LOL

I do not understand how humans really think. Who every thought texting was a good thing driving let alone talking on the phone. Parents stop talking and texting with your children in the car I am tired of seeing that because your children are in danger.

I like that statement the fellow made after landing his jump in his space suit, wishing we all had been able be and see where he has been and realize just how small we are. I have a friend who reminds us all how insignificant we truly are in the big picture of life.

Nothing is that important that you need to put others at risk and especially your own family there are enough things we do not have control over but this actually is one.
Truckers need to stop texting on highways I see it all the time.

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Men that spit in public, so nasty:{

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Lately, it has been debbie downers. I can't believe how some are always so depressing and so negative. I think attitude has a LOT to do with how we are, physically and mentally.

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When people call "ME" for information such as phone # or directions (I am receptionist for school) and when I start giving them the info say OH HOLD ON I need pen and paper...!!!!!!! OMG YOU called me for info and not ready to right it down...........


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This morning it was the people at the grocery store. You would think that it was the last food item in the world, the way they were all almost fighting over it. I just got my last minute stuff and ran! LOL

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I was stuck behind a customer at a Walmart awhile back. He knew he was in a 20 items line; but he and his son had two carts of stuff. He chose the line because it was smaller. He did not appear to be in poor health nor handicapped in any way.

Someone who works at a Walmart told me that they are not allowed to say anything to customers who do that...
At the speedy check-out there should be these two rules:
1) only number of items posted as allowed
2) cash or credit card . . . no checks.

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I have a new one today! My hubby had, what we thought, was the first appointment this morning with his doctor. Long story short, this particular doctor booked 4 people for the same time slot. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! When I very nicely asked the receptionist why there were others booked at the same time as my hubby's, she just smiled and said " Oh, all the doctors do it". GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR again! We went out for breakfast afterwords and my hubby laughed at how sweet I was to the receptionist, as, he knew I was upset. It really isn't right, is it.

Ok, my whine for the day is done and over. And, I feel better!

Sue :)

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It amazes me the number of people that are unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions. It is always someone else's fault.
For example;
That cop was just being a jerk, he didn't have to write me a speeding ticket, everyone speeds there anyway.
Management has it in for me, everybody's always late back from break, they wrote me up because they don't like me.

You get the picture.


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