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I am having a terrible time with eating. Everything tastes like grease and anything with sugar is ten times sweeter than normal. Basically I eat cottage cheese, yogurt, mandarin oranges, pineapple chunks, and oatmeal. Any suggestions?

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Eat what appeals to you. Thats what I did and you feel better. Are you having trouble gaining too?. I did and thats what I did eventually things will taste ok What kind out treatment are you having.


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got me through many days. Oatmeal and cream of wheat worked some days. I lived
on steaks, or chicken for evening meals.

I stayed aways from catsup, and any soda/diet drinks. They made me ill.

Keeping hydrated is so important -- so I mixed cranberry juice with water, and ice. I
also found that adding a squirt of two of lemonade in my water helped with my water
consumption as well.

Call your Oncologist and his staff, see what they recommend for you... it is
interesting to see what Oncologists recommend. ..

Best wishes,

Vicki Sam

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I'm desperately trying to gain weight...I have lost 36 pounds since I had brain rads in March...I had thrush for 3 months and that started the downward spiral of weight loss....Add funky taste buds due to chemo....I have a real problem with the texture of foods, like meat....so I eat what I can, doing the best I can....I weigh less than what I did when I married 43 years ago!

Hugs, Nancy

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Lots of good advice here on what to eat. All I can add is to make sure that you drink plenty of liquids, water, gatorade, cranberry juice, just make sure you stay hydrated.

The other thing is, I think, there is something called Ensure or something like that, or, carnation instant breakfast, to make sure you're getting some nutrients in your system.

Good luck,


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oddly when I can't eat...somehow van. milk shakes go down. Over the years my Dr said they have good nutition if nothing else is going down.

NO smell and goes down smoothly..

just a thought to try..


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Need I ask? DUH

I have to ask, do you get some cravings for something? Yogurt and cottage cheese really worked for me too. I really had a taste for hard boiled eggs and buttermilk too, also boiled potatoes. Yes, that taste of eating grease really gags one, doesn't it?

I hope you can get those taste buds back soon sister.


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I was hungry for. It could be chocolate milk and Kraft mac and cheese, the next day couldn't stand either. Or I would crave a steak, then throw it on the grill, take it off and couldn't eat it because I couldn't stand the smell. So mainly it was a pretty bland diet. Baked potatoes, lots of cold melon,bananas and applesauce always worked, and multi-grain toast with honey. Honestly everyday was a crap shoot as to what tasted good.

I would go grocery shopping, then 2 hours later not be able to find anything that I could eat, even though it all sounded really good as I was filling my cart. I do not like hot dogs, but would crave Der Weinersnitzel chili dogs with cheese, eat one and be sick all day!

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That is what I went through too. It got so expensive because I would spend time making something only to throw it away. And food is so outrageously priced anymore. MAJW suggested buying TV dinners, and that is what I did. That way I could grab it quick and fix only if I craved it, yet if I had to throw it out at least it wasn't a lot of meat or expensive fixings. It was also nice for my husband to have a regular meal (even tho it was a TV dinner) rather than another sandwich from a fast food place when I was too tired. The only draw back is that TV dinners are not cheap anymore...surprised when I went to buy some! But otherwise the food goes bad in the fridge.


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I could not eat warm foods. I tried everything I could think of and most of tasted like crap. I did manage to eat some chicken and dumplings from Cracker Barrel on occassion. I like watermelon, vanilla pudding, vanilla milkshakes. Like you anything sweet was 100 times sweeter so chocolate was out. Blueberries were good. I found if I only ate a very small amount of things but picked at something all day long, I did better than trying to eat meals. So I would eat a few blueberries. A little later a small hunk of watermelon. Mix a milkshake with ensure (Ask your doctor first) and try to sip it down. Make fruit smoothies and to cut the sweet, toss in some greens like kale or spinach. Once in a while a baked potato was good. I ate very little meat unless it was a piece of lunchmeat but some docs wont allow deli meats during treatment. Mac and cheese smelled great to me but was too mushy tasting. I like broccoli with a small amount of butter. Your taste will change from day to day. Hang in there !

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Remembering to eat was my problem. I lost all appetite and taste (smell too) so I just didn't want to/think about eatting. Hubby made sure that there was plently of foods in the house and would call me every few hours to remind me to eat and then check when he got home to be sure I had eaten. (This was a really hard time for him as he was so afraid I would become aneorxic - he and my Mom had been best buddies so he saw the ravages of what it does to the body in her last 5 years.) Nothing tasted bad or good (couldn't smell it either) - it just did not taste at all and I never got the least bit hungry.

Be sure to drink a lot fluids. I'm a 'waterholic' and always have a container of ice water close by so habit just kept me drinking without thinking about it.

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