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Anyone with experience on a clogged g-tube??????

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What happens when the g-tube gets clogged??

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Well, I had lots of experience with unclogging a GJ tube, so I would imagine a G tube would be the same. The first thing to do is try putting very warm water in the syringe and use a firm in and out motion to push the water in, then suck it back out. Do this for a few minutes to see if that loosens it.

If that does not work, try Coke. This did not work very well for us, but many people recommend it. Do the same in and out motion. When I tried it, it was very messy and sticky. If you do this, make sure you flush the tube very well afterwards to remove the sticky sugary build up.

And lastly, wether the above tricks work or not, go to the pharmacy at the cancer clinic. They have kits to help you unclog. I think it's a mixture containing baking soda and lord knows what else. They work like magic, and we were able to purchase about 10 of them for $2. I would highly advise picking these up. I don't know about where you are, but the regular pharmacies don't carry them, only the cancer centre did.

As a final option, if all the above don't work, call your cancer clinic. They will make you an appointment with the folks that inserted the tube. They will use a little brush (like a bottle cleaning brush only smaller) to unclog it. Works like a charm, but of course this is the last resort. I'm sure nobody wants "just one more trip to the hospital"

Prevention is the key, make sure JR is flushing the tube every couple hours, and for sure, every time he unplugs himself from feeding.

So happy to see that he is still with us, and FINALLY got a feeding tube!! I'm sure his energy levels have increased tenfold since getting it!!

Take care,
wife of Lee
deceased Nov 8, 2011

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Chantal, bless your heart, thank you for posting this.

They did get the tube unclogged for Jr at the hospital, I do not know as of yet what exactly they did, I only was able to talk with my mom and she did not know.
But you are right, no one wants another trip to the hospital.
I will definitely pass this info. along to them.

Again thank you!!!


sister of Ray Jr. stage 4 inoperable

still fighting this beast after 26 months!!

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