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checking in

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hi guys,
just checking in,
went for stress test everything ok.

dr taking me off pradaxa,, wants to do a nuclear stress test in hospital to see how the heart is working.
i think of you all everyday.
i am saddened by the loss of our friends.
i give my best wishes for all who are here fighting this beast we call cancer.
never,ever give up!!!!!
be well,

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When they did a normal stress test on me it came out fine. They did a ultrasound stress test and discovered NOT so fine.
So glad that they are going further and getting a nuclear stress test on you just to be sure. It's worth it.
Take care of yourself,
Winter Marie

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Great news on your stress test. I have not had one but dr did mention doing one in November .


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i remember you from my stage 3 days.i now am stage 4,thanks for stopping by good to see an old name come around to say hello....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Great to see you Bruce and thanks for the encouragement!


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Great to hear from you! Good luck with the next stress test....


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