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When a person is staged with EC T3N1+ and goes thru radiation, chemo then the surgery, are the doctors suppose to discuss the pathology report and findings with the patient? Getting a copy a month and a half later didn't do us much good really; no information at all. Any input out there as to when the surgeon/doctors are suppose to discuss this? Thank you. Mattie Fields

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Hello and welcome to our group. I am sorry you find us under these difficult circumstances. Your "about me" page is empty so it is difficult to suggest answers without any specifics. I am not a medical professional but in determining the stage of the EC cancer involved, the location of the lymph nodes removed and analyzed is important. If they are all in the immediate vicinity of the tumor then that is better than if they were distant from the tumor.

Typically there are additional tests done to determine if there is suspicion of cancer in other major organs, has a CT or PET scan been done, and did they show any other organ involvement?

If the involvement is in the lymph system then chemotherapy is typically recommended post surgery.

Here is a reference to define the various phases of cancer involvement and resulting staging:

Click Here for staging information

I am not sure what you mean by "terminal", EC is by definition seldom "curable" unless caught in the very early stages. Cancer survival varies widely by person and circumstances.

If you can give us more specifics about the patient's circumstances we could offer better suggestions.

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Hello and thank you very much for replying to my post. My husband's pathology report after his surgery was not explained to us whatsoever. I am not a medical professional either, just there day in, day out for many months. I asked for a copy of the pathology report at a clinic visit a month and a half post-surgery and read that 18 out of 20 lymph nodes removed tested "positive". I'm hesitant to put too much information on this public forum. He developed complications after surgery which also included massive chyle leaks. Procedure after procedure to stop the leaks. Was sent home to get stronger, then went downhill, back to the hospital then, within a week we were told it spread to his blood system -- no hope. Home to Hospice then he passed away. I am devastated and trying to find answers. He was a very "healthy" man in his mid-60s. He was staged T3N "1" and went through radiation, chemo, surgery etc. We were told that the surgery was "successful" and that there were a couple of localalized lymph nodes involved so post-op chemo was probable after he got stronger. Thank you for your kindness.