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free tube feeding

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I have the following supplies that I would like to donate to someone on tube feeding:

Abbott Vital AF 1.2cal vanilla - 2 cases that are in date (Go to Abbott website to read about this product. It is very costly and was recommended for my husband, Andy from a friend who has worked for Abbott for 30 years.)

Abbott 1000 ml Easy Feed Enteral Nutrition Bags (gravity feed) Have 25.

60 ml syringes - I have 20

Please private message me and I will send them to the first person who replies.

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Are the supplies still available. I am on tube feeding and would love to have the supplies. Thanks. Peter

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Joined: Mar 2011

Sorry but I donated the supplies to our local cancer center since I didn't get a reply on this site quickly

Best wishes,


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Just thinking about ya'll and hope you have some sense of "almost normal" soon.


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