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Results are in: New Flower update

New Flower
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Results are in
Good news
We are having early response to Xeloda
The disease is staying within osseous structures, no other organs are involved
There has been overall decrease in metastatic cells activity.
Treatment plan
Continue with Chemo Xeloda for another 3 months
Continue Xgeva shots monthly
No radiation is offered due to multiple lesions in different locations

Other news
Two new bony lesions were discovered, however they were missed in the initial impressions and report.
Today Multiple sides include :
Right side rib 3, 6, L5, sacrum
Left side T10, T12, L5
and multiple sites in the pelvic.

September 25
ONCOLOGIC FINDINGS (OSSEOUS STRUCTURES) Mixed lytic and sclerotic bony metastases (predominately lytic) are seen in the pelvis, sacrum, lumbar spine. There has been an overall decrease in the degree of FDG uptake within numerous bony metastasis with scattered foci of
residual FDG uptake remaining.

These are the words my oncologist said at the end of my visit on Friday:
"Again, please keep in mind that the lesions they are referring to , are not new. I think we are doing well, and we have many options for your treatment"

It has been a very hard week for me. Thank you vey much for your continuos support
Love you
New Flower

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Christmas Girl
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I'm focusing all my most sincerely heartfelt HOPES for you based on the quoted words of your oncologist.

Treatment is working. Will HOPE it continues to, with maximum effectiveness. And with minimal side effects.

(((HUGS, with Love)))

Kindest regards, Susan

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Thanking God nothing has spread. You are such a beautiful lady and an inspiration to so many. Stay strong!



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This is very good news to hear that the oncologist said your treatment is doing well. I wonder if the sadness that you feel is because the journey is difficult even though the results are not bad. If we could, we would all breathe life-giving HOPE into you. You are loved here New Flower.

Holding on to you,

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That the Xeloda is working.....and good to hear you have plenty of other options ......are you tolerating the Xeloda well? For me, I took it for 7 months and it was the easiest treatment I've had in 3 years....the only side effect I experienced was hair thinning....but we're all different.....
Hang in there, sweet lady....we're all praying and rooting for one another!

Hugs, Nancy

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Waiting for results is the hardest part. You have kept so strong. So nothing new! The chemo is working. This is great news! xoxoxo Lynn

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Happy for you, Olga.


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I think I can feel your disappointment that the lesions are still there. I know that I am hoping to hear that all or at least some of my cancer is gone next month but I doubt that will happen because I asked my onc to "scale back" my treatment which is probably giving my cancer cells a chance to "regroup". You, on the other hand, deserved to hear better news because you have followed your onc's instructions. It is great news that there are no other organs involved. Hopefully the Xeloda is keeping it from spreading and soon it will start making those lesions disappear. We are all praying for you!


New Flower
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Thank you again for your support. The sadness is caused by magnitude of disease. I geuss two additional new-old lesions which were detected last week pushed my spirit slightely down. By the end of the day weather it 8 or 10 does not change the treatment. I am very thankful to my oncologist who personally went to radiology ans requested to review both scans confirming that in fact they are not new, just were"old, but less detectable" on initial scan in June.
Honestly, I never was able to finish reading my initial report up untill two days ago . While I was waiting for my new results I went over my June report.Reading that report I surprisingly discovered 3 additional lesions. But again who cares? The treatment is the same. I am still wondering how did I get to this hole? 10 tumors all over my body? We know here is no answer to this question. It is a very sneaky bi**, who teds to stub you when you less expect it , trying stopping your life and still your dreams. While in stage IV we have to co-exist, since it cannot be taken out, We always can strike back, ignore this sh**, and laugh.

So moving forward we booked 4 days at Grand Canyon in October, thinking about visiting Norder California, and I am determined to attend a corporate training in Baltimore MD (Fort Meade). Today schedule : taking Xeloda day 5, cooking, laughing and going to the beach.

Nancy, I agree Xeloda is very reasonabl, while fatigue ans several others SE accumulating and last cycle was hard. I am very thankful that medication is working, and I can stay on it, SE have been manageable so far. Afinitor gives all of us greate promises as it has been on schedule for approval for Her2 positive and TNBC, in already approved combination for Er+

I am very hopeful and positive. I trust my oncologist and back to the boxing ring enjoying world around me.

Thank you again, please know I could not do it without you

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keep praying and hope that the good news gets even better.

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I love your positive attitude! We are all hopeful for you and sounds like you have a good oncologist in the ring with you, too. Big hug, Linda

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That actually sounds pretty good, any time no new growth would have me jumping (or maybe on my tip toes). Wish you the best and you are right, whether we have 5 or 10 tumors it does not change the treatment.

Keep doing as much as your body will allow,

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I'm glad Xeloda is working for you!


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This sounds like awesome news to me!!! Yay! Big (((hugs)))

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New Flower,

Thank you for sharing your results of your tests. I'm glad your oncologist is so positive and things are looking stable. Stay strong! I will continue to pray for you.


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Stable .. good NEWS! First round of scans after your first 3 months of med's.. sounds
solid.. I know in my heart that things will be better next go around. Stable this
time -- best news.

Olga, are you working full time, or part time? I remember from your previous postings
that you are walking and keeping up your strength in any possible way. Hoping our
hot and humid weather is not interfering with your daily activities.

Keeping you close in to my heart, and soul my friend.

Gentle hugs, and love,

Vicki Sam

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Bella Luna
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Stable is good news, absolutely! Will continue to pray for you and yours.

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This is good news and will keep praying it stays in that directions.

Hugs and much love to you

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I tried to read and respond last night and the site was not cooperating as it tends to do more and more these days. I know it stinks to be dealing with this, but yay, yay, things are responding. So happy for you, keep on living New Flower you got lots of life to live!!!!

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is what we all like to hear! Sounds like your onc has you on the right path. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope that you continue to at least remian stable and even begin to improve.


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I like that your oncologist is hopeful and encouraging you to be the same.

Of course you're disappointed -- we want a one-page report with no lesions. But, Olga, this sounds pretty good.

You remain in my thoughts and prayers every day.


New Flower
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You are my truly friends and supporters
I am 3 moths in Chemotherapy, that is half way through with this drug Xeloda. 3 more months to go, I cannot believe i am doing this. It has bee very hot in LA.Ii finished cycle 7 today, very tired, even cannot watch TV.
Of course, I am very hopeful, very positive and confident, while on a very long journey we will get no lesions report together, no doubts.

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