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Precancerous lesions from follow up Bx???

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Need some input! SCC in 2006,left side of neck, radiation only...lots of pain and a PT scan that said I had recurrence....bx comes back negative....new SCC on right side of neck, chemo and rads....finished in April of this year....now 5 months later...pain big time and lumps on throat....PET comes back with a hot spot....just had biopsy and the doc says no cancer BUT pre-cancerous tissue.....Soooooo!!!!!!....what the hell am I to expect....some say you can live forever with this...some say Round 3 is right around the corner....need some input from you guys if you have had a similar diagnosis...Thanks, Bill

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How frustrating for you. At this point I think the rad onc, the onc and the ENT need to get together and discuss this. Hopefully soon someone who has been in your shoes will be here to give you some pointers and possibly piece of mind. Good luck to you.

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I saw you post but I'm afraid I have no experience with what all you are going through...just wanted let let another H&N warrior know I cared and whispered a prayer you get some good advice, doctor have wisedom and you do NOT have a recurrence goin on.



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Pam M
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What's the next step with pre-cancerous tissue? Watch, or cut out?

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I am writing this on Monday morning and am scheduled to see my doc tomorrow afternoon. Before I saw him, I was hoping to find out what happened with others faced with this outcome and what their doctors recommended!

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