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Not sure where to post this.

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Is anyone here on a whole foods, plant based diet? I heard that its really good for people fighting cancer.

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Check out pete43lost_at_sea on the Colorectal board. He is quite well-versed in veganism.

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i have no idea about how to use this web sit and aske people things about treatment>>>>>

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There are a quite a few vegetarian here on the site, I am one of them but I still eat Fish now and then. My brother is a full vegan, he had Cancer 28 years ago and never did do any treatment for it, he says all he did was to change his lifestyle that is why he is still here. I went to visit him last year, he is now 65 and climbs Mango trees everyday. Hope I am like that at 65.

Take care

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I was vegetarian most of my life and vegan for many years before I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was really conscious of diet and quality of food and did not eat fast foods or drink soda.   When I had chemo my protein needs where high and I didn't have the energy to prepare vegetarian meals that would satisfy those needs so I resorted to eating meat, mostly chicken and fish.   I still eat meat almost 3 years after chemo and still feel I need it.

For me, diet didn't seem to be the problem.  However I have noticed a few things and have been working with a herbalist to boost immune function on a deeper level and 'tonify' the blood with herbs.   I think everyone is different, each cancer is different, each situation is different.  

I also added a little chocolate just for the sheer pleasure. 

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