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Not a happy camper!

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I have been going back and forth for the last few weeks on how to post this. thank you Deb for keeping in touch. I thought there was something wrong with my new glasses, then I realized that it wasn't the glasses--I am having double vision. I was able to see an opthamologist (his office was quick to dx diabetes--my diabetes is under control) he suggested an MRI but didn't order one. It took me a week to get orders from my primary, did have the MRI but nothing found. I sent an e-mail to my doctor at Stanford, have my regular visit next week. Doctor thought that I should see a neurologist, first available appointment at Stanford is Nov. 19. Hubby suggested I call a local neuro--they had just had a cancellation. Long story short, could be a tumor or scar tissue. I vote for scar tissue. Sent for another MRI of eyes, hopefully will hear Monday. Ye4s John, I have the CD. I can't make heads or tails of the pictures that I see. Have to wait for the report.

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For scar tissue, too.

Waiting is the worst.

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Pam M
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Scar tissue sounds good to me, too. Hoping for it.

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Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way, hon...


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Hope for the best, the rest is probably something simple to fix.



P.S. I had an MRI (LOUD) yesterday for something they can’t figure out. This stuff sucks!

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So they gave you the CD, but no report...? Yes, it doesn't do you much good without the report. I get the CD, but other than looking at it, no information really.

I'm opting for residual as well.

Matt, they didn't give you any ear plugs...?

Thoughts and Prayers,

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And that is probably what it is. Gosh why can nothing be straight forward?
Please keep us posted!

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I was just glad that they were able to get me in at 5:30 p.m. This place won't give me the report! Doctor said to call around noon on Monday.
That machine is noisy. They asked me what kind of music I wanted to listen to--couldn't hear it anyway for the noise of the machine.

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D Lewis
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Scar tissue it is, then...


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I'm a little confused on your post ...you said you did have an MRI, but nothing found, correct? Then at the end you mentioned scar tissue or tumor...is that your thoughts? Just want to make sure I am on the same page....

My thoughts are if nothing found on the first MRI ..that is good. I had an MRI done of the brain with contrast...did you have contrast as well with your MRI? Boy are you correct, I'm glad the told me the machine was noisy...if they had not have I would've jumped out of that tube thinking that dag-gum thing was falling apart on me!! :)

Whispered a prayer that they find resolution to your double vision and it's nothing serious but a simple fix!

Hey, not to sound dumb here (I'm no doctor) but could it be radiation scatter?? I heard radiation scatter affects the visioin and can cause cataracts?



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I'm sorry to be confusing. I did have an MRI on the 20th, negative. It was of the brain. I am still having double vision (and now pain) so I contacted a neurologist locally and they were able to get me in because of a cancellation. Friday the 28th, neuro examined me and her first comment was 'tumor.' I guess the color must have gone from my face because she then said it could be scar tissue. She ordered an MRI of the orbit. I was able to have that done at 5:30 p.m. Friday. Dr. said to call the office Monday around noon for the results. I also told her that I was going to Stanford and she said that was a good idea. Hopefully scar tissue or radiation scatter but vision is getting worse and now I am in pain.

BTW, neither my primary or mets showed up on PET Scans.

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Hey there !
Vision issues are very scary ! I saw an opthomologist and I have issues their watching from radiation effects. (optic nerve changes) And I agree those MRI machines rock and roll and are so noisy ! They always pin my head down, so the rest of me just wants to bounce around in the machine. I am praying for good news for you ! Keep us posted ! Katie

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Sorry to hear this, if you remember about a year ago I was going blind. My vision was coming and going at anytime I would lose all sight and could do nothing but stand there and wait till it came back. I seen an ophthalmologist at MD Anderson who ordered an MRI but it showed nothing so they did a Lumbar puncture and found the pressure in my brain was too high. I was put on some meds for a few months and everything went away. I hope it is something simple like that for you, just ask them if they should check the pressure in the brain. Remember we have so much damage from all the radiation and it does not stop giving for years after.

Keeping you in prayer

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Glad you came on this weekend. Hopefully just more of the gift that keeps on giving. I am only having a problem with one eye. I will mention pressure to the doctor.

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I was having problems with my eye and I had a cataract which will be removed on Wed. Wish yours were as simple.


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