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Finished with Chemo and Proton Radiation

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55 years Old T3N1 Stage 3.

I finished my 5 1/2 weeks of Combined Chemo (Docataxol and Xeloda a pill form of 5FU) and Proton Radiation 2 weeks ago. The week after was hardest with not being able to eat anything solid. I relied on Blue Bell Ice Cream and Glucernas and Boosts. Have been able to start eating some solid food over the last 3 days and that really lifted my spirits up. I did have a few mornings of nausea and used the nausea pills when it was really bad.

Oct 9th will do Pet and CT Scans, Blood draws, EKG and meet with Oncologist and Surgeon to plan the Esophogectomy.

So Far.... So Good!!!

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Sounds great!! Know you're anxious to get on with the surgery. Keep us posted. Best of luck!! BMGky

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Glad to hear you are eating solid food again. Dave followed a similiar path as you, he is now about 6 weeks out from finishing chemo and radiation and starting to feel like himself again. Surgery (THE) is next Monday at Hopkins. Hang in there, it does get better!

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Your staging was the same as mine, and here I am five years later-cured. I know how bad treatment can be, but knowing the alternative, it is well worth it. I never had a problem with eating before surgery. Chemo made me feel like I was always hungry.My only problem was I started disliking some of my favorite foods. My taste for these things did come back after surgery.
Will be praying for you during your upcoming test,

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My husband is just finishing his radiation as well. 6 sessions left including today.
I posted about the cough. I am going to follow you as you have the same staging as my husband. T3N1/0 - He is 45.

Keep up the recovery!! Have you put any weight back on?

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