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I am back

Posts: 41
Joined: Aug 2012

I don't want anyone to think I am just coming and going. I have again not been able to log in. An administrator has tried again to fix it - today I can post. If I disappear again, it's because I just can't log in.

Thinking of you all and thanking you again for support,


daisy366's picture
Posts: 1493
Joined: Mar 2009

Did you have surgery? Fill us in. Hope all well.

Mary Ann

Posts: 41
Joined: Aug 2012

Thanks for asking, Mary Ann. I posted elsewhere about it. It went well, they said they were pretty sure they had it all.

But I got a call today from the oncologist that she'd found something else...have to go back and see her. Hopefully it will be nothing.

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