3 cm nodule

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my dr did a ct scan to check for bloodclots and said they found the 3cm nodule. he said to wait 6 mo for another ct scan, should i get a second opinion?


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    Hi Gnw. Welcome to the acs
    Hi Gnw. Welcome to the acs website. Nodules can become enlarged because of infections like a cold or inflammation like an allergy. For that reason they do usually wait three months. If it was me I would want a second opinion. You don't mention if the doctor is a radiation oncologist or a radiation generalist. Please let us know if you do and what happens

    Edit to say I meant a lung cancer specialist rather than a cancer radiology generalist.
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    Is it 3cm or 3mm?, there's a big difference in size. If it's 3cm don't wait get another opinion and you'll need a biopsy. If it's 3mm, thats very small and the standard is to rescan in 3 months to see if it grows. 3mm is too small to biopsy. I wish you well. Lori