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much to my dismay, i did not have the tube with the balloon at the end. when he yanked that mother out - WHEW!!! what a rush!!! then after a minute or two it didnt even hurt anymore :o)

hope everyone is well and has a good weekend!!!

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I am so glad you are tubeless. I know that must feel awesome.

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honestly, its a little creepy knowing theres a hole under than bandage but they said it will close up in a day or two. otherwise, AWESOME!

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Mine was the same way. Did you hear a pop? I did and that was one heck of a tug! I was a little tender the next day almost like when I got it put in and a few days later that was better. Have fun sleeping on your belly and taking a shower is so much better now. Enjoy!

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Posts: 277
Joined: May 2012

oh i definitely heard a pop! the the dork stuck it in my face and said "see... no big deal". i almost kicked him in the face lol. and he was nowhere near my feet!!!

he had to put 2 steri strips on because it was bleeding a bit. it doesnt hurt tonight. i cannot wait for a REAL bath and to scrub the heck out of my entire belly!

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They showed me mine too how funny. I had one steri strip so you have me beat. It's so nice tho to not have to worry about that tube and where to hide it. Good riddance

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Sweet freedom! Congrats...I felt the same way about showering and swimming

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Congrats on this new found freedom...


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When they yanked it out, did one of your legs fly up...., LOL.

Another milestone, one of more to come.


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Hi Cindy,

I just had a case of Jevity wrapped up to send to you and you popped my surprise. Just for that you can eat by mouth.

Now you can chew and swallow grasshopper.



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That's great news! Very happy for you!!


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I am so happy for you ! You have been a trooper through everything ! Keep posting and letting us know how you're doing ! Katie

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is next to happiness!

I'm happy for you. I too had the one without the balloon and the POP as it came out was much louder than I'd thought it would have been.

I was sore for just a few hours and the only real pain was changing the bandage with a belly covered with Eribitux induced fur!

I loved being able to sleep on my stomach for the first time in 8 months!

The hole closes up much faster than you think, though I still have the scar.

I'm happy to welcome you to the double navel club!

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Congrats at no tube! A long goal, achieved!

Happy eating!

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On being de-tubed

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Isn't that a great feeling? In some ways, getting rid of the PEG felt more like closure to me than the last radiation treatment!

And YES it seems crazy that there's a hole straight to your stomach and all they do is put a bandaid on it and tell you that you can take it off tomorrow. When I had gallbladder surgery, I asked why the PEG was a yank and a bandaid while the laparoscopic incisions were all superglued shut!

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